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It's hard to believe that a nation's capital could be its best-kept secret, but this has long been the case for Mexico City. Travelers have often flocked to the country's famous coasts while neglecting its colorful interior. Perhaps they are intimidated by Mexico City's size—it's one of the largest and most densely populated metropolises in the world—or by rumors about its reputation: chaotic, dirty, and possibly dangerous. Yet intrepid travelers tend to return home enamored by a visit to “DF” (the Distrito Federal), in accordance with journalist David Lida's assessment: "Mexico City is the capital of the 21st century." Once you've paid Mexico City a visit, you'll understand why it's just a matter of time before others figure out the secret, too.

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Julie Schwietert CollazoMexico City Local Expert

Julie Schwietert Collazo has been a bilingual freelance writer, editor, and translator for the past 10 years and loves (almost) every minute of it, but tells people if she could have any other job, it would be a gig as a Mexico City evangelist. The Mexican capital is her former home and the first place she always wants to go when she gets on a plane. Read more at and Cuaderno Inedito.