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Anomabo Beach - A West African Retreat

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When I lived and worked in southern Ghana, the Anomabo Beach Resort was my oasis.

It's tucked away on a lovely stretch of beach and it is accessible from the main Cape Coast road. The entrance to the resort is about 90 miles from Accra and less than 10 minutes south of Cape Coast itself.

The resort consists of about a dozen little cottages that range in price based on size and whether or not they have electric air conditioners in them. At about 70 dollars a night, the best huts are right on the beach, but you can also rent a tent for less than 20 dollars and it will be set up (with a latern and an air mattress included) for you.

Everyone gathers at the gorgeous, beach front restaurant for meals. My favorite dish was the pasta with marinara sauce, but my local friends raved about the banku and tilapia dinners.
I highly recommend ordering a bottle of wine and relaxing with friends in one of the many reclining chairs.

And if you get up early the next morning, a long walk in either direction will give you amazing views of the sea and the fishermen. Swimming should be done right in front of the resort as the undertow is quite strong and Anomobo hires a lifeguard to look after those of us who may find ourselves a the mercy of the waves.

One worry I have about Anomabo is that the force of the surf is getting ever close to the huts. I don't know how long humans can hold back the water, so go now... before it is too late!

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by Kiara Downey
AFAR Local Expert
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