The Best Beaches in Greece

White beaches, red beaches, black beaches—the best beaches in Greece come in many colors! Greece is famous for its coastline, and no matter where you are in the country, you’ll find no shortage of beaches to take in the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. Hint: The best beaches in Greece are often hard to reach, but are always well worth it.

Vouliagmeni 166 71, Greece
Athens is an incredible city to visit but can feel busy and overwhelming, especially during peak tourist season. Escape the hustle and bustle with a visit to the resort town of Vouliagmeni on the Attica coast. I took this photo from a café right on the beach. We spent an entire afternoon drinking coffee, eating fresh seafood, and watching surfers in the sea.
Paradise beach, Greece
There are two Paradise Beaches on Kos. One is northeast of Kefalos. It’s quite nice with facilities, a bar, and crystal clear waters. The other is southwest of Kefalos. It’s also quite nice with facilities, a bar, and crystal clear waters. The difference is the first one is very easy to get to and prone to getting covered in a crush of humanity while the second one (pictured above) is found at the end of a loooong, winding, dirt road (complete with sheer drops!) and only very lighted spotted with a few clothing optional occupants. Don’t worry, the way is clearly marked with signs pointing the way to Kavo Paradiso Beach FKK. FKK of course short for Freikörperkultur — a German movement whose name translates to Free Body Culture. Now when I say it has facilities, I mean it has around 7 or 8 umbrellas to rent with accompanying chairs. And when I say it has a bar, I mean it has a teeny-tiny shed manned by a blissfully quiet Greek fellow selling Mythos beers for 2 euros a bottle. And when I say it has crystal clear waters, I mean it! This was by far my favorite beach on a recent trip to Kos and well worth the death defying drive to reach it!
Pserimos, Greece
While there are only around 130 folks that call Pserimos island home fulltime, pleasure cruises out of nearby Kos island dump at least that many somehow both burnt and pale (mostly British) tourists every couple hours on her best beach! This could sound like a circle of Hell, but it turns out with a little patience, you could have this incredible strip of sand and insanely clear waters all to yourself! You see, there’s an easily predictable rotation of comings and goings. Get there early and it’s yours until around 11 when the first pleasure cruisers start making their way into the protected bay. Now, just take a break, catch some z’s or stroll aimlessly into Pserimos until they all crowd back onto their boats and set sail. Head back to the beach around 1ish and it’s all yours again for the next 2-3 hours! When the next wave of tourists thunder ashore, simply take another break in the shade with as many Mythos beers as it takes to kill a few more hours until this round takes off. A couple hours later and it’s all yours yet again! Outwit, outlast, outplay!
Paralia Super Paradise, 846 00, Greece
Super Paradise Beach is a gigantic stretch of sand tucked away next to Paradise Beach. It’s only reachable by taxi-ferry or by public bus, but the trek is worth it. It’s also a notorious party destination, with a friendly gay community. Super Paradise Night Club is the most popular club in the area, and caters to a ritzy crowd. When the sun goes down, this beach really comes to life. If you’re seeking a quieter atmosphere, show up early.
This superb beach on the island’s northwest shore is accessible only by water. It’s easy to find a boat; they depart frequently from Porto Vromi, Ágios Nikólaos, Cape Skinari and Zákinthos Town. At Navagio, sheer limestone cliffs cradle sugar-white sands and an azure bay. As for the shipwreck that gave the cove its nickname, the story goes that a freighter smuggling cigarettes, wine and women ran aground here in 1981 while fleeing the Greek navy. The ship’s remains can still be seen in the dunes. Note that this secluded spot has no facilities, so bring your own food and drink—as well as a sun umbrella because the beach heats up dramatically by midday.
Kissamos 730 01, Greece
Crete has an abundance of shoreline, and its Elafonisi Beach is one of the best in Greece. This sprawling piece of pink and white sand opens up to the turquoise sea. Lifeguards keep a constant watch, and so the beach is suitable for all ages. You can come here on a day trip from Chania. Also nearby is the Chrysoskalitissa monastery, and the Agia Irini lighthouse.
Mylopotas Beach is one of the most popular destinations on Íos island, but since it stretches over one kilometre long, you’ll rarely find it overcrowded. Cafes and restaurants stretch the length of the beach, but the Far Out Beach Club reigns supreme. It’s part hotel, hostel, and campsite, and you’ll be surprised by how fabulous the food is.
Santorini’s Red Beach is one of the most unique beaches in Greece. The stretch of pebbly sand is surrounded by high, bright-red cliffs. It’s not one of the most popular beaches on the island for sunbathing, but it’s still worth a visit. A short walk from the Akrotiri archaeological site will take you directly here.
Eparchiaki Odos Mesarias-Archeas Thiras
Everyone goes to Santorini for the famous sunset in Oia. However, the moonlight at the black sand beach in Kamari is worth going as well. Plus, along the beach are shops, bars and restaurants one after another. Most of them are outdoor, so you can enjoy your favorite drink while enjoy the ocean under the moonlight.
Glyfada Beach, Παραλία Γλυφάδας, Glifada 491 00, Greece
Just 10 miles from Corfu Town, you’ll find Glyfada Beach. With its long stretch of white coastline, you may even opt to stay here a night or two. The entire area is covered in cafes, hotels, restaurants, and nightlife options.
Naxos, Greece
For many travelers to Greece, there’s a conundrum: Do you concentrate on the mainland—Athens, Delphi—or do you spend your time cruising the islands—from fashionable Mykonos to holy Patmos? With Grand Circle Cruise Line, you don’t have to make that decision. The first week of the 15-day Treasures of the Aegean: Greek Island Cruise, Athens & Istanbul itinerary includes the monasteries of Meteora, perched atop rock formations; the town of Kalambaka, Thessaly, where you’ll discover a Byzantine tradition when you stop at an icon-painting workshop and meet one of the artisans; and the majestic ancient sanctuary of Delphi. Then you depart on a cruise to the Aegean’s most beautiful islands aboard a 50-passenger small ship. You’ll call at ports including Amorgos, Delos, and Naxos, where you’ll sit down for an island dinner with some of its residents. While you’ll be following the routes of ancient heroes, Grand Circle assures that travelers also experience modern-day life in the country from those who live, work, and play here. Exclusive Discovery Series events take you deeper, show you more, and give you an unfiltered look into daily life whether you’re dining with a Greek family during a Home-Hosted Dinner, or participating in a cooking class in the mountain village of Arachova.
Kissamos 734 00, Greece
The Balos Beach and lagoon is located on the island of Crete, and is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. This title owes to the turquoise, crystal-clear waters and the white sands that have become quite a popular photography subject for the professionals. Prince Charles and Princess Diana even loved this place. The lagoon and beach area is very safe for children. Water is shallow, and warm. You might even spot a sea turtle.
Preveli beach, 740 60, Greece
Preveli Beach is a secluded beach found on Crete, located about 43 kilometres from Rethymnon town. But it’s more than just a beach -- it’s also a river lagoon and a palm forest. A quick hike will get you down through the palm forest and on the beach, but keep in mind it gets busy during the summer months. It’s worth it for the clear waters. Also nearby is the Preveli Monastery.
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