Eat like a Local in Peru

Peru is praised for having one of the most compelling cuisines in the world. This is the product of three main factors: the considerably biodiversity its territory (providing such amazing and varied ingredients), the influence of foreign gastronomic traditions, and the limitless creativity of local chefs. From street food to fine cuisine, Peru has must-try dishes from the coast to the Andes to the Amazon.

316 Avenida Piura
Ceviche is generally considered to be the signature Peruvian dish: an exquisite combination of local seafood cured in Peruvian lemon juice with fresh coriander, aji pepper, and onions. The dish is usually served with corn and sweet potato to balance out the spicy, sour taste. The Pacific coast of northern Peru might be the best place to enjoy ceviche. If you find yourself in Piura, enjoying Mancora Beach, be sure to try the local favorite La Sirena. Prepare to fill your stomach with a huge ceviche plate packed with seafood and flavor!
Calle 26A, Bellavista 07011, Peru
For those of us used to seeing chicken cut into parts, wrapped in plastic, and cooling in supermarket refrigerators, a trip to a local Peruvian market is fascinating and a bit daunting. At the biggest market, San Pedro, just up the street from the Plaza de Armas, you’ll find fruits, vegetables, alpaca charqui (the Quechua source of our word jerky), pig’s heads, herbs, fruit juices, weavings, and much, much more. You’ll see a fair number of foreigners wandering here as well, so for an experience that feels more authentic, try San Blas Market or Rosaspata, both off the tourist track.
Calle Manuel Bañón 260, San Isidro 15073, Peru
Not many know that Matsuei was the first restaurant with the great Nobu of international sushi fame at the helm. Back when he had both a first and last name, he met a man while working in a sushi bar in Japan who offered to stake his solo business venture if he set up shop in Peru. And thanks to a large Japanese community in Lima, Matsuei was a success. On the menu you’ll find the original cream cheese, tempura, mango, and fusion rolls now loved the world over. But even purists will love the high quality local fish and seafood, especially the creamy sole and to-die-for scallops.
Av. Camino Real 101, San Isidro 15073, Peru
Voted one of the top restaurants in Lima, chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino’s modern Amazonian restaurant, Malabar, is worthy of the praise. From the à la carte menu, order the river snails with chorizo sausage and exotic, sweet-and-sour aguaje fruit, followed by the smoked duck with cacao sauce, avocado, and blue cheese. Or opt for the seasonal tasting menu featuring organic heart of palm salad with chestnut flour and paiche jungle fish with black hot peppers and nutty dale dale. In a city addicted to meat, Schiaffino’s vegetarian tasting menu is a delight. It includes black quinoa, Amazonian honey, and a starchy-sweet tuber dish translated as “seven textures of yucca.”
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