Mexico City
Photo Courtesy of Javier Sirvent
From street food to white-tablecloth restaurants, Mexico City has a meal for every palate and every budget. The culinary traditions on display here are vast in variety and origin: nearly every state in Mexico has its own distinct regional cuisine. Whether you're scarfing down tacos at a market stall or deciphering the ingredients on an artfully presented plate at one of the world's top-ranked restaurants, "local," "fresh," and "heritage" aren't just buzzwords here—they're the way of life. There's no single signature dish, but don't head home without trying chilaquiles for breakfast, tacos al pastor for comida (late lunch), and a hearty sopa, such as tortilla soup, for cena. Wash it down with a local beer (yes, there's a craft beer movement here), mezcal, or—if you're really brave—pulque, the fermented sap of the maguey plant.