Vatican City in Photos

Via della Stazione di S. Pietro, 14, 00165 Roma RM, Italy

A perfect schedule and trip to St. Peter’s was thwarted on early Wednesday morning when I learned the Pope was giving mass. Without an invitation, I stood on the outskirts of fences and boundaries watching devotees rush in for the blessing. A kind guard asked me if I had an invitation. I did not. He handed me the treasured blue slip and I was in!

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Rushing to Meet the Pope

A perfect schedule and trip to St. Peter’s was thwarted on early Wednesday morning when I learned the Pope was giving mass. Without an invitation, I stood on the outskirts of fences and boundaries watching devotees rush in for the blessing. A kind guard asked me if I had an invitation. I did not. He handed me the treasured blue slip and I was in!

A Sea of Love

While studying in Rome I had the opportunity to attend a canonization mass at the Vatican. One of the newly minted Saints, Saint Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga, was the first male saint from Chile and thousands of Chileans - some of whom had spent great savings - had come for the occasion. The atmosphere was like a soccer match with giant Chilean flags and chants of “Chi chi chi! Le le le! viva Chile!”. A Chilean man behind me, tears in his eyes and his crying wife beside him explained to me the importance of this man, a priest who was known for dedicating his life to the poor. A Chilean soldier presented a gift to the Pope and I was told he was the only survivor of a recent military training disaster that had taken many young lives. The photo is of a woman who sat in front of me. Also a Chilean, she had come with a home made poster depicting Saint Alberto as he was remembered by thousands in the square that day- driving his green truck to pick up the homeless and help them find shelter and fill their needs. Not a Catholic myself, I nonetheless found the emotion in the square that day deeply touching and the life of the Saint inspiring. The Roma-Lazio match up I went to at the soccer stadium that night couldn’t come close to matching the enthusiasm and energy of that mass.

The view from above

Preceding my study abroad experience in Salamanca, I was lucky enough to stay with my uncle who lives in Vatican City. The breakfast nook of his home, also my favorite spot to drink my morning coffee, had the most incredible view of the city of Rome. Just below the small balcony was the Vatican Wall (shown in the bottom of the photo) and I would dream about one day living in the beautiful pink apartment with the Mediterranean tile roof. Now if I could just find the time to learn a bit of Italian...

Just Another Day

We were strolling through the Vatican a must go place. Love this picture, it’s just another day......

Città del Vaticano

This is a view of the Vatican City and Sant Peter’s Basilica at the background. The photo was taken from the place called “Castel Sant’ Angelo” which is a huge castle next to the Tiber river. You can get there by a 5 minutes walk from Sant Peter’s Basilica or by walking along the river and when you find the “Ponte Sant’Angelo” bridge you go across .


The most famous Italian appetizer called Bruschetta. Made of bread with grated garlic and a few drops of olive oil, tomatoes cut into small pieces and some origano or basil on top. Do not forget to order this amazing dish when you visit Rome. You can find it at every restaurant, tavern or even turist cafe and everywhere is just Delicious!

On Guard

Bonjour en Swiss, Security check please!

Best view of Vatican City

While in Rome, you have to climb to the top of the Vatican. There are many stairs but it is definitely worth it. I was fortunate that the crowds were small. Afterwards the best thing to do is find a local restuarant. That is what I did.

The way around the crowds at the Vatican

If you find yourself at the Vatican on a busy day (which is nearly every day), there is an alternate way to visit the museum and see the Sistine Chapel. Most of the crowd enters through the main entrance; however, if you walk through the buildings and follow the brick walls, there is an alternate entrance to the Vatican Museum on Viale Vaticano. This is an excellent way to avoid the crowds and lines of people, especially if you are short on time. The average wait to get in is merely minutes, and you can access the Sistine Chapel through the museum entrance.

Intertwined staircases, Vatican museum

“Double Helix” staircase designed in 1932 by Giuseppe Momo, inside the Vatican Museum. The blurs of the people walking on the stairs, due to the long exposure seem like etherial spirits.

The Museum in the Vatican

If you are in Rome and have an appreciation of the arts, the museum in the Vatican actually has a great collection of artistic pieces to check out. You will probably see this all if you visit the Sistine Chapel


I thought I left early to see the Vatican, but I guess everyone else believed that too. It was fairly packed inside the museum of the Vatican. I have always loved going to art museums and exhibitions in any place that I visit.

La Cittá Eterna

Everyone must visit Rome at least once in a lifetime, yet one lifetime does not feel to be enough to discover all layers of its uniqueness... I have been there countless times but every single time has been, and still is falling in love with it again and again... Rome could never lose the charm and romance that it radiates through its streets, buildings, people and sounds... Are there any words left to sing an ode that has not been sung yet about La Cittá Eterna...?

Rome – All roads lead to Rome

Historians say that ancient Rome never truly fell rather just decreased in size. This amazing city is the capital of the country that gave us the gastronomical wonder that is pizza. The eateries in Rome are renowned all over the world for their delicious cuisines. But there is more to Rome than just food, as a tourist you will feel the ancient history of the city weigh on you, a particular monument that you will wish to get visit is the Colosseum, this great wonder dates back to AD 72. It was then a source of entertainment for the citizens of ancient Rome who would gather in large numbers to watch gladiators and salves fight with each other and various exotic and dangerous beasts. And you simply must visit the Vatican, home to The Pope, visitors are allowed to enter parts of the chapel where they can remark on the wondrous Sistine ceiling art done by Michelangelo that took roughly four years to be completed. The Vatican is perhaps the most sacred place for a Roman catholic, the beauty of the Vatican is breathtaking. The Trevi fountain is a sight to behold, the interesting thing about this fountain is that the pennies thrown in by visiting tourists and locals alike are used by Red Cross in their numerous noble humanitarian endeavors. The sculptures that line the fountain are amazing creations and present a sight to behold.

Vatican City

We arrived at the famous Vatican City completely unaware that Pope Francis was giving a speech. Although there was a large crowd, it did not deter our enjoyment of this amazing city.

Vatican City

The Vatican

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