The Laundromat Café

Reykjavík’s Laundromat Café is one of the city’s most casual and upbeat places to hang out, whether you want to drink a fine craft beer, enjoy brunch, or—yes—do your laundry. The sister enterprise of the original establishment in Copenhagen, it’s kitted out in a classic American-diner style, with leather stools around a central bar and a smattering of perpetually full tables and booths. The menu spans healthy brunches, Sunday roasts, soups, sandwiches, and burgers, and there’s also a decent list of wines and beers (including local craft beers). Plus there are hundreds of books you can borrow, trade, or buy, board games to play (Yahtzee, backgammon, chess, or cards), and newspapers and magazines to read. Laundry machines can be found in the basement, and there’s a playroom for kids plus a children’s brunch option.

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No Coins Necessary

Despite its name, The Laundromat is anything but. This cafe has a high energy vibe, great food, and (my personal staple) coffee! On Austurstræti, just a short walk from the main shopping district, it’s a perfect place to stop and refuel. It can get a little loud, so don’t go expecting to have an intimate dining experience, but they do have free wi-fi (just ask for the password). I tried a lot of restaurants in Reykjavik, and this one came out as one I actually went to more than once.

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