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wait, is that the virgin mary?
"oh, that's not the virgin mary, that's an umbrella."

that there sentence pretty much sums up my wife's level of intellectual capacity during our stay on brac. bear in mind, my lovely wife is an accomplished attorney back home in the san francisco bay area. "no slouch," thinks her ever-adoring husband.

however, we came to brac island, croatia off the dalmatian coast directly across from split for "a few days." we stayed two weeks. and only then left reluctantly.

think you've seen catholicism? you have not, until you start hiking around croatian islands and track the sheer number of virgin mary statues strewn across the scrubby landscape and unbelievably beautiful pebble beaches with the clearest blue water this side of isla mujeres, mexico. well, add to all of your hiking a ton of lazing about the beaches like melons, hours in the sun drinking warm beer (well, that's what we do) and you too will be confusing large patio umbrellas for the virgin mary.

honestly, it's one of the best head spaces we've ever achieved. god be praised, indeed.

supetar, brac, croatia, go. go now, find mary.

Supetar, Croatia