SoMa StrEat Food Park

428 11th St, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States

Walk around the city and you are likely to stumble upon a food truck that dishes out some incredible grub. San Francisco residents love these modern chuck wagons, including native Carlos Muela, who opened SoMa StrEat Food Park in 2012. Its location under a freeway might feel like an unlikely spot to gather, but that hasn’t stopped locals from coming seven days a week to a space that serves as beer garden, communal dining space, and party spot all at once. Customers sit at picnic tables under strings of Edison bulbs and nibble selections bought from a rotating fleet of some of San Francisco’s best food trucks, including treats like crème brûlée, burgers, fish tacos, and eggs Benedict. The already festive atmosphere gets even more energized on nights when there is live music, or on days when the Giants or the 49ers games are broadcast on large TV screens.

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SOMA StreatFood Park - SF Food Truck Mania!

The SOMA Streat Food Park (SSFP) is a good lunch option if you are downtown and have the time (the walk to Divison—aka the highway—is a bit out of the way). The set up feels like an outdoor picnic. There’s a tented area with a TV and bigger chairs outside of the tent to chill out and have a beer. If you decide to go to SSFP double check the selections being offered that day, as they vary. I ate from the Kasa Indian eatery truck. My Indian meal of chicken tikka masala, samosa and chai iced tea was delicious and hearty.

Arki: Exceptional Fried Chicken and Donuts from an ex-architect!

ArKi, short for The Architect’s Kitchen as the owner, Tim Setiawan, used to be just that serves divine beignet-style donuts and fried chicken - both fried to order and delicious. They travel the usual food truck circuit in the San Francisco Bay Area, so if you get a chance, it is a must-do! (In photo: The Works sandwich)

The Ultimate Food Truck Haven

If you enjoy the freedom of choice when it comes to food, like the mystery of whether or not your meal will taste good, so-so, or down right disgusting, finding the idea of eating outside and curbside fun, and jive with the motto of “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”, you’ll absolutely LOVE the SoMa Food Park. One of the most popular trucks there is The Chairman Truck hosting some amazing pork buns. The variety of trucks depends on the day you go. There’s so many I want to try and can’t wait to get back there. San Francisco is where it’s at for the best food!

Late Lunch Among The Food Trucks

We got here just as the lunch shift was leaving to make room for the dinner trucks, which meant there were almost no other diners and only a few places left to order from. We got lucky—the sangria truck wasn’t leaving so our carafe came as we waited for our food from Dusty Buns. On a warm day in SF, this is a great place to cool off in the shade and have a good midday meal without the crush of the crowds you so often find here.

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