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Shear Rock Farms

From The Eveleigh To Shear Rock Farms
The progression of space that slowly expands from the crowds of Sunset Boulevard, where the Eveleigh is located, to the fresh-air land of Shear Rock Farms makes Los Angeles feel much farther away than it is. The multi-lane freeway moves across sprawl and over mountains to a dirt-swept road in Santa Paula, about 90 minutes from the restaurant, where we settled into the tranquility of a calmer pace. Shielded by rows of orange groves, owner Sabrina Bohn has been cultivating organic produce by hand for the Eveleigh for the past two-and-a-half years. She gave us a tour of her six acres, and then we sat down to lunch in the shade.

True to the farm-to-table mentality at the Eveleigh, lunch at its produce source was just that – and only by a few feet. Fresh charcuterie and baskets of vegetables were shared over glasses of wine, and Chef Jared Levy cut us all generous slivers of prosciutto that had been home-cured for 18 months.

17081 S Mountain Rd, Santa Paula, CA 93060, USA
+1 805-217-4029
Fri - Sun 9am - 4pm