Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar

600 Office Rd, Lahaina, HI 96761, USA

Sansei offers what just might be Maui’s best sushi—a hotly contested title on an island with such rich Japanese roots. Housed in a plantation-style building, the restaurant lands on the contemporary side of things, offering creative sushi like panko-crusted ahi sashimi and the famous Kapalua Butterfly roll with salmon, crab, shiromi, and fresh vegetables. Also on offer are entrée-style dishes like shrimp dynamite, crab ramen, and the perenially popular Asian shrimp cake, crusted with crispy Chinese noodles and served with ginger-chili-lime butter and cilantro pesto. It’s food like this that led Bon Appétit to declare Sansei among its favorite Asian restaurants as well as one of the top sushi bars in America.

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Late-Night Sushi Deal on Maui

If you ask locals what the island’s best sushi spot is, there’s a good chance they’ll say Sansei. Located in a plantation-style building, this award-winning sushi house consistently impresses with its fresh, creative fare. From the miso butterfish that melts in your mouth to the panko-crusted ahi roll, Sansei has a way of making you savor each bite—though you’ll inevitably end up ordering more. For diners who don’t mind waiting a bit, the best time to visit is on Thursday and Friday nights when appetizers and sushi are 50 percent off. The discount begins after 10 p.m., and you must be at least 21 because the restaurant also turns into a karaoke bar. Whether you’re craving a caterpillar roll with unagi and avocado or a California roll with salmon, be sure to arrive hungry. You might want to have your vocal cords warmed up just in case, too.

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