San Luigi dei Francesi

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See the St. Matthew Cycle at San Luigi dei Francesi
San Luigi dei Francesi is a lavishly decorated church in Rome near to the Pantheon, and is the seat of the cardinal of Paris in Rome. It contains three of the world's most famous and most important paintings: The epically dark St. Matthew Cycle, by Caravaggio.
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Three in Situ Caravaggio Masterpieces
This church was built centuries ago as France's key liaison to the Vatican and the surrounding buildings still host French-affilicated religious and culture associations. Upon entering, head straight for the chapel in the left aisle close to the altar. There, three Caravaggio paintings depicting scenes from the life of Matthew the Evangelist hang in the chapel of a French Cardinal. Drop a coin in the adjacent box to illuminate the moody images.
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San Luigi dei Francesi
See the works of the late Renaissance bad-boy artist Michelangelo Merisi Caravaggio in the church that they were originally designed for. The Contarelli Chapel in the Church of San Luigi dei Francesi holds three magnificent paintings, located in the back lefthand corner of the church. Note that these artworks were meant to be seen by candlelight, so take a moment to let your eyes adjust when the bright light switches off.
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