Safa Park

Al Hadiqa Street

Safa Park is a regular stop on the weekend itineraries of most Dubai families, and as such, has a place in the childhood memories of many of the city’s residents. The family-oriented public park is ideal for a relaxed picnic in the shadow of the park’s older trees, away from the city’s clamor. The Dubai Water Canal runs through the park and the walkway that follows its route makes a pleasant place to stroll and enjoy beautiful views of the city. This park is near the city center, near many of its landmarks and shopping areas, such as Boxpark and the Business Bay.

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With Toes Dipped in Golden Sand

With the shadow of the Burj Khalifa at our heels, we sat in Safa Park and enjoyed a meal from a generous farmer we encountered on the side of the road. From there we moved to the desert of Dubai. The never-ending labyrinth of dunes--mixed with with sand sifting between our toes like liquid gold--made for one of the most rewarding moments these avid travelers have ever experienced. Lower your tire pressure before you take your car off the highway (trust us on this one!) and pick a spot, any spot, and feel free to lose yourself in the amber horizon. In those moments, experiencing a part of the modern world in its most natural form, we made an immersive travel experience into moments of self-actualization. Lose yourself to the desert of Dubai. Breathe in the beauty and try and find the shadows of beetles of angels dancing in the sand.

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