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Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Sunday Brunch Dubai Style
Child-like-joy -- Surrounded by all the food and drink you can politely shovel in your mouth in four hours. Your heart beats faster, your eyes go wide, and then you notice this isn't just food, this is the highest quality most luxurious of all foods in the world. In the entire WORLD of food tastefully displayed in staggering amounts that never go bellow half full. "Died and gone to heaven" this food experience is what my personal heaven would be compiled of, if I could magically never be full and not gain a pound.
There are several hotel brunches, but the Jumeirah Beach Hotel's Friday brunch from 12:30 to 4pm is known as the "best" and I don't doubt it though I haven't had them all. I know that in Dubai Sunday is a working day and that Friday and Saturday are the typical days off, Friday is the perfect day for drinking and eating the day away.
Friday Brunch is extremely popular with local expatriates celebrating special occasions and hosting visiting family and friends.
Contact the Jumeirah Beach Hotel direct for reservations.
Jumeirah St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
+971 4 348 0000