Ibn Battuta Mall

Be Ibn Battuta for a Day
In colloquial Arabic, an avid traveler is jokingly dubbed, “Ibn Battuta” in honor of the prominent medieval traveller Ibn Battuta, who in 1325 set off on a lifetime of travels that took him from modern-day Morocco to everywhere from Somalia, China and Spain. Sprinkled with information on the famous traveller, the Ibn Battuta Mall honors its namesake’s legacy with epic architecture that divides the mall into several ‘courts’ each of which travel visitors through Ibn Battuta’s journey. The mall balances its historical themes with hundreds of modern shops and brands. Enjoy a Starbucks coffee in the Persian court, go shopping under Tunisian skies, or catch a movie in the majestic Chinese court all in one trip to the mall.
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Culturally Malled in Dubai
If you've ever wanted to have your Starbucks in a replica of the Shah Mosque of Esfahan, Ibn Battuta is your kind of place. Named after the Muslim version of Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta, I wonder if during all his travels, he could have ever guessed that he'd end up as the name sake on yet another ginormous mall in Dubai.
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