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Roosevelt Island Tram

Main St, Roosevelt Island, NY 10044, USA

The Island Tram

For panoramic views of the entire city—for the price of a subway ride—take the Roosevelt Island Tram. As the suspended car runs parallel to the bridge, spanning the gap between Manhattan and Roosevelt Island, you'll have unparalleled vistas of the New York syline and the East River below. There are few experiences as memorable or accessible, so be sure to ride the tram there and back—it's particularly dramatic in the morning and evening.

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over 6 years ago

Take a ride on the Roosevelt Island Tramway

I always thought of Roosevelt Island Tramway as a ride, a tourist attraction that never quite took off. But it’s not. It’s a legit, and memorable, form of transportation for the island’s residents. You need only to swipe your yellow metro card for entry. The view and excitement of flying over the East Side river are just a part of it all.

The riverside walkway, facing the New York City skyline, is definitely the highlight. It’s a magical place for a lovers stroll. There isn’t a lot to do on the Island, yet. Construction is happening all around though and plans have been made. The Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park is where Hillary Clinton officially launched her campaign for presidency, of course. And while more events are popping up on the island, all we found was a school, a subway station, some housing apartments and, an abundance of empty green park space.

THAT’S why you should go! On a nice day every other park in New York City is overpopulated and stuffy. Pack a picnic basket, buy some wine, get yourself on the Roosevelt Island Tramway and enjoy the city’s skyline view. Picnics on an island are so much better than ones not an island. Trust me.
almost 8 years ago

Outside retreat

Finding a lighthouse on my walk was fun, too bad it is no longer in operation. Taking the tram across Manhattan was fun and walking around the island is a fun retreat from the busy city streets. Be full warn it gives off a Shutter Island feel.
almost 8 years ago

Top of the World-Roosevelt Island Tram

A little known gem in NYC is the Roosevelt Island Tram. Swipe your metrocard and hop onto this lovely basket to cross the east river. Enjoy stunning views of midtown, and chat with the tram conductors :) Follows the same path as the f train, but so much more fun!!