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Museum of Islamic Art

One of the last designs by I M PEI
This Museum is a must do while visiting Doha. It has one of the finest collections of Islamic art from Spain across North Africa, From Persia to Sinai. Plus its a great way to stay cool in such a brutally hot place.
Framing Art
Doha’s Museum of Islamic Art is a compelling collection of calligraphy, art, science and decoration from the Muslim world, all housed in a building as striking as it is.
Framing Art Doha  Qatar

Geometry, religion, and art
An amazing exhibit in Doha’s Museum of Islamic Art displays the art of science. These quadrants were used for studying the skies and for geometric calculations of all types, and a companion exhibit shows the how the science of the Islamic world affected Europe.
Geometry, religion, and art Doha  Qatar

Grand Entrance
Before my trip to Qatar last month, I searched online for photos of various sights there. Time after time, I saw stunning photos of the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, so I put it on my must list. My hosts in Qatar were way ahead of me, however, having already scheduled a visit for me the day before the conference I was attending.

The exterior of the museum is stunning, especially at night, and the interior is equally as impressive. Designed by the French architects Wilmotte & Associates, the atrium spans four floors and is lit almost entirely by the giant windows overlooking the bay. I hear that the atrium is a different kind of beautiful at various times of the day as the light changes. It was certainly impressive in the late afternoon!

The museum's collection is impressive, with paintings, sculptures, tapestries, calligraphy, and scientific instruments from across the Islamic world. After spending most of my allotted time taking photos in the atrium, I sped through the rest of the museum. I could have used another couple of hours to take it all in!
Grand Entrance Doha  Qatar

Museum and Dhow at Night
The exterior of the Islamic Museum of Art in Doha, Qatar, was designed by the legendary I. M. Pei. He was 91 when he designed it; they basically had to drag him out of retirement to do it! He didn't want other buildings to crowd his work, so the museum was built several hundred feet out on the water. I was impressed by this until I learned that most of Doha is built on land reclaimed from the bay!

The museum's exterior is stunning, particularly at night. In this shot, you can see the silhouette of a dhow, the traditional Qatari sailing vessel. Thanks to my new friend Joseph, who works in Qatar and is quite the photographer, for showing me this view!
Museum and Dhow at Night Doha  Qatar

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