Monte Solaro

Monte Solaro, 80071 Anacapri, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy

The summit of Monte Solarno, the highest point in Capri is almost 2,000 feet high! You can choose to climb it or opt for the considerably easier chairlift. Along the ride and at the top, you will enjoy an incredible 360-degree view over the island and sea. There is a small café for a cold drink. Make the short hike down to the sweet, tiny 15th-century Hermitage of Cetrella, a chapel where local sailors used to visit and pray for protection before setting out to sea.

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On Top of Capri All Covered in Sun

Ascending (and descending) Monte Solaro is a must while exploring the Italian isle of Capri, perfectly established within the Bay of Naples. Once you land on the island via your private helicopter or, like most of us, the Hydrofoil, indulge yourself with a convertible taxi ride up to Ana Capri. If you’re looking to save a few bucks, take the bus, which is only two euros but takes longer. The line up, depending on when you arrive, may be a little long but it goes quickly. The single chairlift, on the other hand, is a leisurely solo ride to the top with spectacular views of the blue bay and sky, the lush green of the landscape with shards of limescale cliffs rising and descending in between. Treat yourself to a hike and a drink at the top of Monte Solaro before heading back down to Anacapri.

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