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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Cheli & Peacock's Safari in Lewa
Cheli & Peacock’s Lewa Safari Camp is a beautiful, friendly spot located in the Lewa Conservancy, a community based conservation initiative. When you visit Lewa, you know you are supporting an innovative model for conservation that houses the headquarters of Northern Rangelands Trust, a well-protected rhino population, and the extremely rare Grevys zebra. It is not uncommon to see rangers patrolling the area to protect the wildlife from poachers.

Pictured above is an orphaned baby rhino with my expert guide, Festus, in the background. He drove us to visit this little tyke who is being nurtured by handlers ‘round the clock. Making little squeaky noises for attention and petting, we were able to share a few minutes with the rhino before leaving it to the care of Lewa Conservancy’s dedicated team.

There is a feeling of camaraderie among the guests as the lodge opens up for cocktails and appetizers before dinner. Returning from our evening safari drives, we’re all excited to trade stories, and maybe get a little jealous over who spotted the leopard. I highly recommend ordering a dawa, the Kenyan cocktail of vodka, lime, local honey and crushed ice with a sugar rim. From my travels throughout Kenya I can honestly say that Lewa Safari Camp bartenders make the best in the country. Did I mention it translates to ‘medicine’ in Kiswahili?

Serenity in Lewa
I could've chosen from hundreds of images shot in Lewa. From the endangered Grevy's zebra to the cheetah hunting at dusk, from beautiful forests to the eles inches from the safari vehicle and the birds of prey in the sky... I chose this image because it is a quiet scene where an elephant silently walks across a peaceful landscape, and by watching that elephant walk away it brought a moment of peace to this photographer.

Lewa, recommended for the Mara-weary traveler. Check out Cheli & Peacock's Lewa Safari Lodge where this image was taken just a few miles away.

Camel riding with Maasai at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
This was my first time at Lewa--a premier community-owned conservation in Kenya. It was great introducing my children to the continent!

Isiolo, Kenya
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