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Lake Titicaca

A Special Boat Ride on Lake Titicaca
Last year when visiting Peru's beautiful Lake Titicaca, my husband and I went back and forth about whether to visit the lake's famous Uros Floating Islands. We'd received mixed reviews from travelers who'd already visited the islands. Ultimately we decided to give it a shot and hired a private boat for the trip to the islands as it didn't cost much more than a group boat and the owner catered more to our schedule and interests.

Our decision to visit the Uros Floating Islands was one of the best we made during our trip. Aside from learning about the Uros people's fascinating culture, one of the young Uros men, seeing how interested we were in learning about how the Uros live on their reed islands, treated us to a really special experience - a ride in his traditional reed boat!

When visiting Lake Titicaca, I definitely would suggest that you visit the Uros Floating Islands for a glimpse at a life lived literally on a lake. It was unlike anything I'd seen before or since.
Early Morning Fishing on Lake Titicaca
Lake Titicaca was one of my favorite stops during my April trip to Peru. Towering 12,500 feet above sea level and nestled between Peru and Bolivia, Lake Titicaca is the highest commercially navigable lake in the world.

The lake has a fascinating history: Incan mythology cites it as the place from which the rest of the world emerged.

On any trip to Peru, a visit to Lake Titicaca is a must-do. Make sure to wake up early enough to catch a fisherman like this one gliding quietly over the calm waters in search of fresh fish for breakfast.
Early Morning Fishing on Lake Titicaca Puno Region  Peru

The Magical Uros Floating Islands
On any trip to Lake Titicaca, a visit to the Uros Floating Islands is a must-do. You can hire a boat (a group boat if you want to save a bit of money or a private one that costs a bit more but allows you more freedom) for the short trip across the lake to the islands.

You'll enjoy a first-hand view of the fascinating islands that are made from living reeds and meet the charming and resourceful Uros people who've lived on the islands for generations. The Uros make everything they need from the reeds, from their furniture to their homes to the boats they use to navigate around Lake Titicaca.

That day on the Uros Floating Islands was a memorable one for my husband and me, a wonderful memory we won't forget any time soon.
The Magical Uros Floating Islands Puno Region  Peru

Lake Titicaca