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Guinness Storehouse

Pull a Fresh Pint, Gravity Bar, Guinness Storehouse, Dublin, Ireland.
Best bar in the world? Debatable. Freshest Guinness on earth? No doubt.

An expedition to the Gravity Bar at St. James's Gate, perched atop the venerated Guinness Storehouse, was the perfect way to cap our Irish escapades. The storehouse, including the bar, brewing facility, museum, and pubs, are first rate, and well worth the relatively high price of admission. Your ticket comes with a complimentary pint, so hang on to it.

Book your tickets online to save 10%, and skip the long lines at the gate.
A Self-Guided Tour of the Storehouse
This is a must-see tourist destination if you remotely like beer. I found Dublin to be an interesting city, but I couldn't have been more pleased with the Guinness Storehouse. It is well worth the admission price considering you get a free pint.

Making your way through the brewing process to shipping and advertising, it is fun for everyone who enjoys to know how things are made or done. The Storehouse was organized great and is spacious to hold its visitors.

End your tour with panoramic views of Dublin in the Gravity Bar. The name of the bar is ironic because it is on the top of the Storehouse.

For more images and the detailed review, check out the link below.
A Self-Guided Tour of the Storehouse Dublin  Ireland

Guinness Storehouse
Arthur Guinness, the forefather of the world-renowned family, founded the brewery on this inner city spot in 1759. It's the city's most visited tourist attraction, telling both the history and processes that have gone into making Ireland's most famous export. At the end of the tour, visitors are treated to a pint of the famed black stuff at the top-floor Gravity Bar with its panoramic views of the city's skyline.
Guinness Storehouse Dublin  Ireland

An Education at The Guinness Storehouse: How to pour the perfect Guinness
At the Guinness Storehouse they are passionate about their product. It's certain they want you leaving with a great knowledge and appreciation for Guinness than when you arrived. From the educational videos about all the walks of life that Guinness has positively touched to the pouring of your own Guinness, you'll leave loving the experience even if you're not a fan of Ireland's most famous beer.

But along with the perfect pour there's also a proper way to drink it. It's much harder that just taking a swig like you'd do of Budweiser. Guinness must be savoured and to do it properly you must sip beneath the foam ensuring that the same amount of foam is left over at the end of your drinking experience as there was at the beginning. Bottoms up!

Here’s how to pour the perfect pint:

1. Hold the Guinness glass at 45˚ angle to the tap. Pull down on the tap allowing the liquid to glide along the side of the glass and pooling at the bottom.

2. Stop when the liquid (not the foam) has reached the bottom of the harp on the Guinness glass. Let the glass sit for 2 minutes until the liquid turns black. This is actually a beautiful process to watch as the brown bubbles rise from the bottom and dissipate into snowy white foam.

3. After the liquid has became a solid blackish colour take the glass and hold it directly beneath the tap. Fill the rest of the way until the foam reaches the threshold of the rim of the glass. Voila! You have a perfectly poured Guinness.
An Education at The Guinness Storehouse: How to pour the perfect Guinness Dublin  Ireland

Can you pour the perfect pint?
While in Dublin you must go to the Guinness Storehouse. While on the self-guided tour you have the opportunity to learn how to pour the perfect pint—this is definitely a must do. Once you pour that perfect pint you get a certificate saying you are a perfect pint pourer but more importantly you get to enjoy a great beer.
Can you pour the perfect pint?  Dublin  Ireland

It is all about the Ingredients
We all know that great ingredients can really make something memorable and that is exactly what Guinness focuses on at the Guinness Storehouse, which is definitely a must visit while in Dublin. The building itself is unique—it spans about an entire block. When you go inside they take you through the process of making the perfect pint of Guinness and focus on the ingredients, where they are sourced and how it is made.
It is all about the Ingredients  Dublin  Ireland

Irish Champagne
I usually learn about a city by walking endlessly through the side streets until my feet ache, then I retire to a pub to meet the locals. I rarely go on organized tours but I couldn't pass up the birthplace of Guinness Stout. The Guinness Storehouse tour is well worth the €15 entry fee (less expensive for students, senior citizens and children). I spent over four hours on the tour, eating a Guinness chocolate muffin and, of course, downing a few pints o' the black nectar. I bought some Guinness swag from the gift shop, left the premises heading toward central Dublin and then... stopped by a pub for another couple of pints of the black stuff.
Irish Champagne Dublin  Ireland

Two Heads Are Better Than One
On a trip to Dublin, Ireland, I made a visit to the number one visitor attraction in Ireland, the Guinness Storehouse. The Storehouse is located in a historic part of Dublin called the St. James Gate. While there are no public tours available for the Brewery, you are able to take a self-guided tour of the seven-story Storehouse. Here you can learn much about the storied history of Guinness Stout Beer. In addition to the extensive displays, there is a retail shop, and on the seventh floor, you can visit the Gravity Bar. Here you can enjoy an included pint of Guinness while enjoying the 360 degree views from the bar. A visit here is a fun couple of hours, and for lovers of beer, it is a can't miss attraction. Cost for an adult ticket is 14.85 Euros if purchased online.

To learn more about this Ireland attraction, and to order discounted tickets, you can visit the following website.....Guinness-Storehouse.com.

After leaving the Storehouse on my recent visit, I noticed this whimsical window display in a nearby warehouse. Someone's take, perhaps, on "Happy Hour."
Two Heads Are Better Than One Dublin  Ireland

Beer Lovers
If Guinness is your beer of choice, then the Guinness Brewery in Dublin is not to be missed. Head straight to the top, avoiding the brewery tour, to the revolving Gravity Bar for your complimentary Guinness while taking in the panoramic views. Enjoy!
Beer Lovers Dublin  Ireland

Best Place for A Guinness At Gravity's Bar
As the Walt Disney World of Beers, the Guinness Storehouse is the perfect place to experience an authentic proper pint of the "Black Stuff". It's the only place in the entire world to get your freshest only days old pint of Guinness. It's a magical experience from learning about the 9,000 year lease that Aurthur Guinness signed for the property at St James Gate to learning what goes into the proper pint from the freshest Irish Barley to water from the Wicklow Mountains. There's no shortage of the "Black Stuff" here as the closet thing you are going to get to experience the actual brewery. Take a trip down memory lane learning about the brew master process to marketing. Don't forget to enjoy your complimentary pint in the Gravity Bar with the best views of Dublin! Slàinte
Best Place for A Guinness At Gravity's Bar  Dublin  Ireland

St James's Gate, Ushers, Dublin 8, Co. Dublin, Ireland
+353 1 408 4800
Sun - Sat 9:30am - 5pm