CN Tower

301 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2T6, Canada

Since it was built back in 1976, the CN Tower has topped the must-visit list of most Toronto tourists. Until recently, a visit was pretty standard; hop in elevator, shoot up to the observation deck, and ogle the city from a hawk’s vantage point. While this was certainly fine and enjoyable, the since-developed EdgeWalk experience has ramped up the Tower’s bucket-list potential. Thrill-seekers can now do a hands-free, breezy circumnavigation of the tower’s roof, up at 1,168 feet. And, yes, they do perform sky-high weddings complete with elasticized rings and special attire for the big day.

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The World's Tallest Hands-Free Walk

Unmistakable, like Seattle‘s Space Needle, the CN Tower in Toronto is a 1,815-foot structure that offers panoramic vistas of the city. The world’s highest full-circle, hands-free walk is just one of the many reasons to visit here. Although I did not get to go up this slender building, there are treats in store for those who do. People lacking a fear of heights can check out the EdgeWalk, with its 360-degree view of the tower and the city. It’s the tallest place in the world where you can walk outside, fearless daredevil that you are (note that you’ll need a harness, like at the Macau Tower). The CN Tower was completed in 1976 and was the world’s tallest tower and freestanding structure at the time. Now foodies can rejoice that there is a restaurant here for romantic proposals, celebrations, or just a plain good drink.

One of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World

An elevator zips you up the CN Tower - the tall, skinny needle that dominates Toronto’s skyline - in less than 60 seconds. From the top, you can see Toronto and its surrounding neighborhoods and, on a clear day, all the way out to the wilds of Ontario. The tower still serves its original purpose a telecommunications tower - all the major broadcast stations and radio stations in Toronto use it for transmission purposes. Built by the Canadian National Railways in 1976, it shares the designation of one of the seven wonders of the modern world along with: the Itaipu Dam on the Brazil/Paraguay border, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Panama Canal, the Chunnel under the English Channel, the North Sea Protection Works off the European coast, and the Empire State Building. It was the world’s tallest tower (she stands at 1,815 ft) until 2010, but has since been knocked down a few levels. In addition to having an observation deck on top that has a glass floor, which allows visitors to look straight down, it also has a revolving restaurant. Tip: go first thing in the morning for a less crowded experience!

360* Views of Toronto from the CN Tower

As a signature icon of Toronto’s skyline and a national symbol of Canada, the CN Tower is the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere. Standing tall at 1,815.4 ft, it is the most recognizable landmark in Toronto and can be seen all throughout the city with different vantage points. The observation desk at the top is one of the best places to capture panoramic views of Toronto, especially at sunset when colorful hues of the horizon provide the most stunning backdrop.

Sky High on a Beautiful Clear Day at CN Tower, Toronto

Looking up at the sky to fit the CN Tower into a camera frame is a challenge, but once you get passed the security on the main floor and walk to the elevator a whole new experience awaits you. The Elevator speed is one thing as you look out the window as you climb higher and higher but then there is the glass peep holes on the Elevator floor a mini glimpse into a bigger version of the glass floor above. At the Observation deck I watched countless tourists stare down through the glass floor with the same skittish fear. There is something your brain just can’t connect to your body when you try to set foot on it for the first time. For some the leap of faith onto the glass is easy. They even tempt fate by jumping up and down or lying across it, but for me it took a good 20 minutes before I could step foot on to it only to quickly walk away. On a clear day you can see right across lake Ontario and see the far reaches of the sprawling city of Toronto. It’s a magnificent site from either the Observation deck or the outdoor Observation deck. If you don’t mind the extra charge you can go higher to the SkyPod or risk a walk on Edge Walk the newest CN Tower attraction which allows you to lean off the side of the tower and walk around its exterior. A word to the wise, skip the movie and the ride. They are both outdated and its is shameful that they charge for such below par attractions. Invest in a souvenir in the gift shop instead to keep the kiddies happy.

CN Tower Edgewalk - Just do it!

The CN Tower’s latest attraction, EdgeWalk, takes thrill seekers to new heights. The first of its kind in North America, EdgeWalk is the world’s highest hands-free walk, a circumnavigation ofthe top of the CN Tower’s main pod, 356 meters, (1168 feet, 116 stories) above the ground. A ticked for the half-hour experience, includes re-admission into the CN Tower’s other attractions (Look Out, Glass Floor, Sky Pod Levels, movie, and ride). For those of you who want to test your adventurous limits, this is one vertical challenge you won’t forget and there is no view of the city like this—or experience for that matter. Just do it! The staff takes great care of you and eases you into the “leaning out” process. Even if you’re scared, it’s something you won’t stop talking about afterwards.

Sky High Views

While in Manitoba you can see Canada’s polar bears up front, in Toronto you can get a bird’s eye view of the city and its residents far below. Reaching an overall height of 1,815 feet, the CN Tower is the tallest structure in the western hemisphere. The observation deck is a little lower, but not much, at 1,167 feet (or 116 stories). On a clear day, you can see over 100 miles to Niagara Falls. The fearless can sign up for the Edgewalk—in a safety harness, you’ll walk the perimeter of the building. If that sounds insane, take a seat at restaurant 360 instead and enjoy the views over a glass of wine. CN Tower 301 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2T6 T: 416-601-3833 or 1-855-553-3833 E: Hours: 9:00am - 8:00pm

View of CN Tower.

If you need to ride up the glass elevator to experience the CN Tower - do so. But the best view is from City Place - where there’s also a park to relax after taking your must-tourist shot.

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