Café Tortoni

Av. de Mayo 825, C1084 CABA, Argentina

More than a local institution dating back to the 1850s, the Café Tortoni ranks among the world’s most famous salons. As vintage photos here show, the columned establishment has hosted more literary figures than you can count. Play billiards while you enjoy a latte, or order from the full restaurant menu.

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Cafe Tortoni

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Blast from the past

Before arriving to Buenos Aires, my aunt told me about this beautiful, vintage café located just steps away from la Casa Rosada. This coffeehouse has been a cultural icon since its door opening in 1858. Great artists and intellectuals like Carlos Gardel and Jorge Luis Borges would gather here on a regular basis. So when I was on the neighborhood, I decided to grab some coffee and just relax after a long day of sightseeing.When I got there, I was surprised by the people waiting in line outside the street. It was only a matter of 10 minutes when a waiter called my name and walked me to my table. Once inside, you can appreciate the Belle Epoque decor and the french atmosphere of a café in Paris. There is also a side gallery and a small stage for tango performers; where every Tuesday night you can catch a performance. I ordered a cappuccino and a chocolate alfajor--which to my surprise was the best one I tried in Buenos Aires. Even though you have to wait to be seated and its frequently crowded by tourists, you should definitely go. It really is a special place where you travel in time and get nostalgic by the lives of the older porteños.

Soak in the atmosphere and history.

A wonderful place to duck into for a lunch of soup, sandwich and tea. It was my last day in Buenos Aires and I was trying to catch the rest of the historical sites on my list. I’m sooo glad I was able to fit Tortoni’s in. If your short on time you can take in a Tango show and have a delicious dinner.

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