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Billy Goat Tavern

430 North Michigan Avenue
+1 312-222-1525

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Sun 9am - 2am
Mon - Fri 6am - 2am
Sat 8am - 3am

Cheezborger! Cheezborger!

Billy Goat Tavern achieved international fame in the 1970’s with a Saturday Night Live skit that mocked the order process and the lack of options. No Pepsi… Coke! No Fries… Chips! The tavern’s been open since 1934 on the lower level of Michigan Ave. and when you walk in, you can believe that very little has changed in 80 years.

This is a classic dive bar with autographed celebrity photos on the wall and a back room full of memorabilia. Coke products are proudly promoted and chips come with the burgers so don’t bother to ask for fries. The order process is still abrupt so you best know what you want before you walk up to the counter where they will show you a full menu but they probably won’t make anything except a cheezborger so get into the Billy Goat mood and order your cheezborger cheezborger! Remember, this is a Chicago experience not a Chicago restaurant.

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almost 8 years ago

When legend becomes fact, print the legend.

So much lore surrounds the Billy Goat, it's hard to recall that it is an actual tavern with actual regulars and - yes - a pretty good "Cheezborger".

The bar was bought with a bounced check. The original owner put the "Curse of the Billy Goat" on the Cubs - which if you ask any gypsy, medium or vizier, can't be broken. Somehow, the Sianis family (owners since 1934) keep finding relatives who barely speak English to work there. The owner once barred Republicans from drinking there. They have a liquor license for a branch (to be built later) on the moon.

All true.

"Double cheese(burger) is the best." - you'll hear this if you hesitate for a millisecond while ordering.

Also true.

When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.