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Al's Car Rental

Heading to North and Middle Caicos? A reliable rental car is key.
If you're planning a visit to the two largest islands in the Turks and Caicos chain, you're gonna need a car. Al's Car Rental is a great option. I've rented from him twice and, based on my own experience (and the experiences of others I've talked to), his outfit is very reliable. To book, simply give him a call a few days before your visit. He'll confirm your reservation on the spot, if he has availability.

Departing from Provo: Take the ferry from Walkin Marina to Sandy Point Marina on North Caicos. If you let Al know what time you'll be arriving, he'll have your car waiting for you at the marina for no additional charge. When you depart, you can drop the car off at the same location, right next to the ferry dock. Handy.

I've rented two SUV's from Al, and on both occasions the vehicles were delivered to me clean and in good running order. I must note that pretty much any rental you get on North Caicos is going to have a few dents and/or little touches of "character." This ain't Beverly Hills, mind you. The roads can be a bit bumpy, especially along the causeway that links the two islands (read: pothole paradise). The vehicles here undergo some wear and tear, so if you notice a cracked tail light on the car you're about to rent, don't get your undies in a bunch. Embrace it. It's all part of the island experience.

Oh, and the big, white Suburban that was ours for the day took us to some of the prettiest, most dramatic coastline you'll find anywhere. Don't forget your camera.