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Abbey of Einsiedeln

The Abbey of Einsiedeln
The town of Einsiedeln, 35 minutes away from Zurich is an interesting stop on a day trip. The town is home to the Abbey of Eindsiedeln, a Benedictine monastery. In addition to its beautiful architecture, the abbey has its own stables, lumber mill, and college.

At Peace
Einsiedeln is a short drive from Zurich and is perfect for a side trip. The main attraction has to be the Benedictine monastery at which they have horse stables, a winery, and a lumber mill. It is quite an operation.

This shot was taken on the back of the grounds where someone was leading a horse up into the surrounding woods, with the fog rolling in this area was incredibly scenic.

Kloster Einsiedeln, 8840 Einsiedeln, Switzerland
+41 55 418 61 11
Sun 7am - 8:30pm
Mon - Sat 6am - 8:30pm