A Perfect Day on the Big Island of Hawaii
A Perfect Day on the Big Island of Hawaii begins with a spectacular Hilo sunrise and ends with the elusive green flash at sunset from Kailua-Kona’s shores. In between, ascend the Big Island's occasionally snowcapped mountaintops and dip back down to visit the fish and turtles in Hawaii’s warm ocean waves. The Big Island means big fun, and every day is perfect.

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Where King Kamehameha III Was Born

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The newly refurbished Sheraton Kona Keauhou Bay Resort is stylish, with a large pool and water slide. But it was the history and the view from the hotel (located off the famous Ali'i Drive) that won me over.

The hotel gives you an excellent vantage point to the bay around which King Kamehameha III was born (stillborn, as legend has it). He grew up to become Hawai'i's powerful and benevolent ruler, and sought to unite the people. He called The Big Island his home and is beloved by many.

The hotel offers several notable cultural markers, including two heiau (Hawaiian temple) replicas.

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