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The Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Everyone knows about Argentina's steak culture (and it is strong enough to power every carnivore's dreams) but that's not where the cuisine ends. Those handheld pies called empanadas, the alfajores cakes, the wide array of shellfish, the stellar coffee: Buenos Aires has something to offer all passionate eaters.
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C1428DUB, Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre 664, C1428DUB CABA, Argentina
Ranked as one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants on the 2018 eponymous list, Chef Narda Lepes’s Narda Comedor serves healthy, seasonal meals and adds excitement through an ongoing new-flavor rotation. Vegetables play a key role but...
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Av. Pueyrredón 1508, C1118AAS CABA, Argentina
It would be easy to walk past this tiny, unassuming joint in the Recoleta neighborhood. But those in the know flock to La Cocina, which is still run by the Catamarca Province family that opened it 40 years ago (the owners’ grandson answers the...
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Gorriti 5132, C1414BJT CABA, Argentina
With a smart and simple chalkboard menu of cheese plates, salads, sandwiches made with homemade bread, good coffee, and Argentinian wines by the glass, Pain et Vin is a lovely venue for lunch or an afternoon glass of Malbec rosado. The Palermo...
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José A. Cabrera 5099, C1414 BGQ, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Beef is everywhere in Buenos Aires, but there are a few parrillas in town that stand above the rest for quality. Within that category, La Cabrera offers a unique experience. Yes, the focus is on the meat, but the sides almost steal the...
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Estados Unidos 302, C1101AAH CABA, Argentina
Behind a massive bougainvillea vine that covers a century-old mansion on the corner of a quiet, cobbled street, San Telmo’s Café Rivas evinces an elegant, 1920s vibe—but the food is decidedly contemporary. The menu is short and...
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Chile 502, C1098 AAL, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Founded in 1982 by local poet Rubén Derlis, this café once served as a meeting place for writers, artists, and left-leaning thinkers anxious to speak freely after years of fear and oppression under Argentina’s late-’70s...
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Lafinur 3368, C1425FAJ CABA, Argentina
Many Buenos Aires visitors don’t realize the city is home to one of the world’s largest Jewish communities; most of the families arrived from Russia and Poland at the turn of the twentieth century. Proudly touting its immigrant cuisine, Mishiguene...
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Brandsen 699, C1161AAM CABA, Argentina
La Boca’s Don Carlos is heaven for the indecisive. Since there is no menu, the restaurant’s namesake owner sizes you up and intuits what you need. The idea is to feel like you’re at home, where the whims of whoever’s...
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Sarmiento 1334, C1001 CABA, Argentina
It was 1852 and Argentine society was so polarized, the country’s very existence was threatened. Thus, Club del Progreso was born as a gentlemen’s retreat whose noble goal was to unite the nation’s political factions through thoughtful discussion...
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Armenia 1322, C1414DKD CABA, Argentina
In 1910, Argentina received a wave of Armenian immigrants fleeing genocide. Many of the new residents settled in Palermo Soho, and several good restaurants emerged. For something a little special on Friday and Saturday nights, the community hosts...
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Defensa 855, C1065 AAO, Buenos Aires, Argentina
It's slightly unnerving when you're seated too close to the next table in a jam-packed parrilla (steakhouse), the clatter of dishes and voices and the televised futbol game in the background, and your stoic waiter, a giant of a man in a stained...
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Salta 1050, C1103ACY CABA, Argentina
The unmarked door at an unremarkable address might have you thinking you're in the wrong place—but you're at Aramburu, one of the city's most talked-about dining venues, and the location is a reminder of the chef's humble start in the business....