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Active in Doha

Despite being one of the hottest places on earth, Qatar boasts a wide selection of choices for those who want to stay active, even when the thermometers hit 120 F. From sand surfing in the desert, to a good old swim in the ocean, to staircase running, to jet-skiing, dragon-racing, or the exciting flyboarding, Qatar has it all. All you have to do is ask.
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Costa Malaz, Doha, Qatar
Costa Malaz Marina, located at The Pearl and strategically situated to capture the North winds, this marina offers a wide selection of water sports. Because Qatar is sunny all year round—even in the cold months-- and it has great beaches, water...
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Al Waab St, Doha, Qatar
The Torch, also known as the Aspire Tower, at 980 ft, is the tallest structure in Doha. It was built to house the 2006 Asian Games Flame and it holds the record for the tallest and highest-positioned games flame ever. The Tower, located 20 minutes...
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Unnamed Road, Lusail, Qatar
Mourjan Marina at Lusail is the perfect spot for Flyboarding. This intense water sport that mixes the feeling of flying with water, is new in Qatar and gaining more and followers every month. The rider stands on a board, with a water hose attached...
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Al Khor, Qatar
With its permanent blue skies and absolute absence of mountains, Qatar offers many options to flying enthusiasts looking for a fix: from paragliding to kite surfing, from gliders, ultralights and gyroplanes to microlights and various light...