Mexico City
Photo Courtesy of Javier Sirvent

One of the most endearing (and, at times, maddening) attributes of Mexico City is its ability to embrace cultural opposites, allowing them to coexist without significant conflict. The old, the new, and the scarcely imagined sit side by side here, and no one blinks an eye. The lowbrow and the highbrow are given equal space and respect. The more you can be curious about that balance—and the more you can achieve it yourself—the better you'll understand and enjoy Mexico City.

Mexico City residents—Chilangos—love to party, and there are many opportunities to do so throughout the year. The biggest celebration is Mexican Independence Day, which takes place in September. The Feast Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe in December is a more somber celebration, but just as epic in scope. Mexico City's LGBT Pride Parade, held in late June or early July each year, is a raucous, welcoming, and well-attended party that draws LGBT visitors from all over Mexico and abroad.