With its many latitudes, Chile is a year-round destination. Warm temps peak during the South American summer, November to March, but spring and fall are also delightful with minimal rainfall and sunny days. Winter is the “rainy” season, with the Andes gleaming in fresh snow and ski resorts in full gear. In central Chile, from La Serena down through Santiago to Concepción, a mild, Mediterranean climate offers four marked seasons. The northern desert has sun-filled days and cold nights—colder with altitude. Be aware of the "Bolivian Winter" in the far north, which produces sporadic rainfall December to February—sometimes washing out roads. In the south, Patagonia is best visited October to April. In the far-flung areas near the national park Torres del Paine, the windiest months tend to be December-February, when you can easily experience four seasons in a day and wind gusts of over 60 miles per hour.