Stretching over 30 degrees in latitude from north to south, Chile boasts a wide range of seasonal produce, seafood, cheeses, and breads. In the heartland, produce is similar to California, with markets full of flavorful fruits and vegetables from small producers. Fish and seafood are also central to the Chilean diet, and where little marisquerias are clustered around the wharves, you can savor a huge range of dishes—freshly-made ceviche, machas a la parmesana (razor clams baked with Parmesan), or the iconic caldillo de congrio, a Chilean bouillabaisse. Chileans are also tremendous carnivores and devour meat in asados, barbecues that are weekend events, or in steak houses known as parrilladas. Traditional food is rustic, with summertime dishes like humitas (corn-basil tamales), pastel de choclo (Chilean corn pie), beef empanadas, and wintertime soups and stews. Santiago and Valparaiso have become culinary hot spots.