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Wynn Las Vegas

A Swanky Stay at Wynn Las Vegas
Wynn Las Vegas, and its younger sister Encore, are known as some of the nicest properties in town, and for good reason. The suites are spacious and clean, the beds are comfortable, there is a lot of room in which to spread out and the views are stellar. Beyond the rooms themselves, the rest of Wynn is equally as beautiful, with fine art located throughout the property, very helpful staff, high-quality restaurants (all of which have at least one vegan option on the menu) and a general ambiance that feels classy, not trashy. This is a great hotel for honeymooners or couples, or for people who want a high-end Las Vegas experience that makes them feel like more than just another visitor in the city.

Fine Art Easily Found
One of the very best art collections in all of Las Vegas is free for the public to visit. Steve Wynn is an avid art collector, and he has amassed an impressive selection of work from around the world that is displayed prominently throughout both Wynn and Encore. The collection throughout the resorts is subtle, and yet it's all around you. Check out the statues in the restaurants, the woven tapestries hanging by the elevators and the artwork hung in the hallways. These are not dime-a-dozen, mass produced pieces of art; this is a multi-million dollar collection that anyone is welcome to admire when they visit the Wynn and Encore.

The Best Show in Las Vegas: Le Rêve
French for “The Dream”, Le Rêve is a stunning show set around pool/stage with fire, ballroom dancing, acrobats and a beautiful love story that will keep you captivated. The unnamed Dreamer’s story has parallels between her real life where two men – her real life love and dreamer lover - vey for her attention, all while the controller of the dream, Morpheus, puts on a showcase of some of the most fantastical things that can be accomplished in a dream. Sound confusing? It is a little bit. It’s a show that engages your mind and imagination all while leaving you on the edge of your seat. No seat in the house is a bad one as the show is performed in a theatre-in-the-round style, though the cushy VIP seats at the back of the theatre do come with champagne, snacks and a TV screen to watch the show, including backstage footage. You can also take photos during the performance (no iPads/tablets or flash allowed) which is a unique thing and I highly encourage you to take advantage of it because the performance is visually stunning.

Garth, Live in Vegas
I grew up listening to Garth Brooks. Even through phases where country wasn't my genre of choice, I found Garth's music nostalgic. When we had the opportunity to see him at the Wynn in Las Vegas, we scheduled a weekend around one of his shows. The day we left San Francisco for Vegas, it was announced that he would end his contract there and enter retirement (for good). We were there, with unbeatable seats, to see one of the last four shows he played. No show will ever compare to that experience. Legendary.

3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA
+1 702-770-7000