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Weihe Wenchang Ji Restaurant

The Famous Hainanese Chicken
Hainan's famous chicken dish is known throughout China, Singapore, and Malaysia. It is actually a national dish in Singapore—but the original is from Sanya.

The dish is known as "Wenchang chicken," which is also the name of the chicken itself. It is a breed native to Hainan, allowed to live free-range, and fed peanut bran and coconut.

The preparation is absolute simplicity: The chicken is boiled in water just enough to cook it, whilst preserving the flavor and texture of the meat. Then it's chopped with a cleaver and served with a dipping sauce made from soy sauce and ginger. The skin is a bit slimy, so feel free to put it to the side if you want and focus on the succulent meat.

Nanbianhai Rd, Tianya Qu, Sanya Shi, Hainan Sheng, China, 572000