VW Beetle Ranch

Amarillo, TX, TX, USA

CATCH (Do): You may have heard of the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo Texas: the series of painted Cadillacs, rear up and situated in a line in the middle of a field. But you’ve probably never seen VW Beetle Ranch in Conway, Texas, just a short distance down the road from Amarillo. In fact, as I was traveling on I-40 and headed back towards Dallas, I was trying to find the Cadillac Ranch but ended up missing it somehow, as well as my exit. I found the next closest road to get me headed in the right direction. As I pulled off at the exit, I spotted these VW Beetles right alongside the exit ramp. Laughing, I stopped to take some pictures. How creative, eh? This was way better than Cadillac Ranch - still unique, but less photographed, not advertized and totally deserted. THAT is what makes a real travel story - something you happen to stumble upon while lost in the Panhandle of the Lone Star State. So if you’re headed east on I-40 out of Amarillo, stay on the interstate till you find Conway. You’ll spot this beetle graveyard right off the exit.

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