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Nubian VIllage

Visiting a Home in the Nubian Village
I wanted to visit a Nubian Village in Aswan that did not see any other tourists; my guide delivered! We spent hours with this wonderful family in their home. The extended family arrived a bit after we did. We had an extremely enjoyable morning, just talking with them and watching them go about their daily routine (as best they could with us there). This young girl was so excited when she received a phone call from her father, that she shared the phone with her grandfather.
......so many differences, yet so many similarities....
Lovely Village Woman
On my way to the boat after a visit to a Nubian Island, in Aswan, Egypt, I spotted a home without walls. I peeked in and found this lovely surprise. She did not speak my language, but rather welcomed me with her kind eyes and her smile.
The hand prints on the wall behind her are common in the Nubian culture; hands are dipped in fresh animal blood and then "stamped" on walls of one's home to ward off evil spirits. Sometimes there is a horn, tail or similar from the animal nailed up above/or close to the hand prints.
A local man told us this woman was "Mother" to everyone on the island. I am so glad that I took the time to stop in and say hello.
Lovely Village Woman Abu AR Rish Qebli  Egypt

A visit to a Nubian home
Nubian Village visits are a common tourist attraction in Aswan, Egypt.Although, it takes a bit of work, it is possible to visit a :"less traveled" village, This family had no idea that we were coming, until we popped into their home, accompanied by the local man, the grandfather, whom we found at the docks.
After a tour of the huge home, we were entertained in the "guest area" ...curious, we wandered into the bedroom to be with the children who were having breakfast and watching television. We ended up staying there for hours. The company was fantastic. We did not share a common language with the children, however they kept us entertained Eventually, the older girl, tried to braid my daughters hair, which was good fun for all of us.
In spite of the almost 110 degree F temperature, we were very comfortable in the home with merely a ceiling fan. The roofs in the individual rooms are arched or barreled which promotes a cooler temperature inside.
A visit to a Nubian home Abu AR Rish Qebli  Egypt

Nagaa El Kubba, West BankŲŒ Abu AR Rish Qebli, Qism Aswan, Aswan Governorate 99999, Egypt
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