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Plaza de Armas Trujillo

Dar un Paseo in Trujillo's Plaza
The Plaza de Armas in the Peruvian city of Trujillo is lined with brightly painted colonial buildings with dark wood Spanish balconies. The balconies were built so proper Spanish ladies could look out on the plaza without being seen. Today, locals still walk, sit, and chat in the plaza. The photographer in the photo used his old fashioned camera as a display, but took my photo with the point and shoot digital he's holding in his hand.

Plaza de Armas

Stroll around Trujillo’s Plaza de Armas, where the colonial- and republican-era architecture is rivaled only by the color palette. The rainbow of mansions testifies to the city’s lofty beginnings: One of the first Spanish strongholds in the Americas, it was named after the birthplace of the explorer Francisco Pizarro and went on to become an essential link between Lima and Quito. The central Freedom Monument was installed in the 20th century to commemorate, among other historic moments, the country's declaration of independence from Spain, an event that took place here in 1820.

Trujillo 13001, Peru
+51 44 484240