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Majlis al Dama at Souq Waqif

A Game of Checkers and a Cuppa
Majlis al Dama, an unassuming coffee shop located in Souq Waqif, is popular among locals for its qahwa helw, loosely translated as sweet coffee, a mixture of coffee, orange zest, cardamom, cinnamon and saffron; the karak--strong tea with spices and full-cream milk--; and for its dama (checkers) tournaments. The Majlis Al Dama houses plenty of backgammon boards, so if you are looking for a caffeine fix, why settle for a boring Americano from one of the Western hotels, when you can have an authentic experience at Majlis Al Dama, a place where Qatari men gather daily to play the traditional game of dama, while you sip a traditional brew?

Doha, Qatar