Local Foods

2424 Dunstan Rd, Houston, TX 77005, USA

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A Locavore's Delight in Houston's Rice Village

The bright orange neon-lit sign in the middle of the dining room wall isn’t humble about the main element of this staple of the Houston restaurant scene. Texas flavors and over 8 nearby Texas farms are showcased in the dozens of delicious meals in the treelined Rice Village shopping district. Newcomers are greeted with a brief explanation of the diverse rotating menu and the array of sides to accompany the entrees. I highly recommend the crunchy chicken sandwich, complemented by quinoa and Tuscan kale, but you seriously can’t go wrong with any of the sides. Duck confit sandwiches are even on the menu for those with a fancier palate. Any sandwich can be made as a salad as well. Ask the cashier to pair a Texas beer with your meal, and you’re set. In a dining area accented with mid-century modern furniture and colors, metal and wood textures and awash ever so brightly by large surrounding windows, you’ll probably bump elbows with NBA baskeball players and Masterchef winners (sat next to Christene Ha one Wednesday afternoon!) in the gorgeously coordinated restaurant. With attention to detail, flavor and food sustainability shines forth through every facet of this restaurant, Local Foods is a definite stop for anyone passing through the Houston area.

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