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La Boqueria

Tasty, salty pig parts
As you enter Barcelona's famous Mercat de Sant Josep de La Boqueria from La Rambla, one of the first stalls you encounter is Tocineria Marcos, purveyors of Iberico ham and a stunning array of other cured, cooked, and fresh meats. It's just one of the dazzling displays of delicacies in this, the most famous of Barcelona's 40 or so food markets. (Another favorite, and slightly less touristed, is the beautifully remodeled Mercat de Santa Caterina, short walk away.) La Boqueria dates back to 1217; a pig market was conducted here starting in 1470; and the current metal roof was built in 1914. There's no better place to shop for a taste of Catalan culture.
Boqueria Market
Sample Barcelona’s freshest produce at the Boqueria Market. Grab charcuterie, cheese, and bread for an impromptu picnic in a nearby park or plaza. Historic bars like Pinotxo serve up traditional tapas, and recent additions offer everything from pizza to Asian and Latin American eats prepared daily.
Boqueria Market Barcelona  Spain

Mercat de la Boqueria
Started as a traveling market, La Boqueria planted its roots mid 18th century in the heart of Barcelona to become one of today’s most visited markets in Europe. This market has played an integral part in Barcelona’s culture and daily life, with the majority of vendors being third- and fourth-generation salesmen. Located off the city’s busiest street, La Rambla connects Plaça Catalunya with the Christopher Columbus monument at Port Vell. Enjoy a stroll through circus-like performers, flower vendors, and overpriced tourists traps until you cross paths with the colorful stained glass arch of La Boqueria. At first glance, you might see more tourists than you do locals, but push through the fresh fruit smoothies, pre-cut coconut, and piles of sugary candy to find the inner circles of La Boqueria. Open Monday through Saturday, 8:00am – 8:30pm, you can find everything from fresh seafood, eggs, bread, pastries, wine, vegetables, and lively food stands. I recommend visiting the market with a hungry belly and extra cash in order to experience the best and freshest food around. After you are done exploring inside the market’s walls, venture out the back exit (away from street) to check out the vibrant street art in the surrounding alleyways.
Mercat de la Boqueria  Barcelona  Spain

La Boqueria Market - Barcelona
Very compact, colorful and busy market place. Meat, vegetables, fruits, candies, drinks and many more.
La Boqueria Market - Barcelona Barcelona  Spain

The Mercat in Barcelona
The Mercat de la Boqueria is a must see in Barcelona. One of Spain's largest farmer's markets, this mercat is where all the local olive oil, cheese, flowers, produce, meat and seafood can be found along with prepared food of every ethnicity, cooking equipment and so much more. Go to eat, go to photograph or go to watch and wander. Just go.
The Mercat in Barcelona Barcelona  Spain

The Food Hub of Barcelona
La Boqueria is located on a touristy street in Barcelona but once you turn off the main street and walk into the market, it's like you've entered a whole other world. Every possible food you could want is available at the hundreds of stalls from fruits, vegetables, and meat to seafood, gourmet chocolates, Spanish omelettes, and fresh coffee. You could spend hours walking through the market to shop or you could stand at one of the cafes and mingle with other patrons while you eat something delicious.
The Food Hub of Barcelona Barcelona  Spain

A Feast for Every Sense
The Mercat de la Boqueria is located just a few steps from Barcelona’s famous La Rambla. In this collection of shops, stalls, and stands you can immerse yourself in the bright colors and rich aromas. If you’re actually hungry there is variety enough to satisfy any taste. There are sit down restaurants where you can grab tapas, off-the-boat fresh seafood, or paella. However, if you’re on vacation, its mid-day, and you’re like me then it’s not time for sitting. There’s too much else to see, both inside the Market and elsewhere in Barcelona. Besides, paella is best enjoyed in the evening at the Restaurant 7 Portes, with a glass or two of their excellent house white wine. If you’re interested in going some evening the Restaurant 7 Portes is located in the historic restaurant not too far from the market and has, oddly, seven doors. Best things to do in the Mercat are to wander through, enjoying the sights and smells, being wary of pickpockets as you should everywhere in Barcelona. Before you leave, grab a freshly squeezed juice as a quick refresher and an assortment of nuts, fruits, and chocolates to munch on during the rest of your day.
A Feast for Every Sense Barcelona  Spain

One in Every Color
Walking into the Mercat de la Boqueria is similar to walking into an artist's color palette. Full of local grown fruits, vegetables, chocolates, and signature take-away dishes, this was hands down the most vibrant market I have ever been to! These fresh fruit smoothies are one of the first things your eye catches when walking into the market. These are not your typical smoothies, as you will find blends of exotic fruits. Grab one on your way out for just 1 euro... It is certainly a tourist attraction but is without a doubt, worth working your way through the crowds of La Rambla and getting a few tastes. Whether a tourist or a local, it is a place where all come to get the freshest produce, snack, or quick treat.
One in Every Color  Barcelona  Spain

Jamon, Barcelona-Style
A must-see on any trip to Barcelona is the amazing Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria in the Gothic Quarter. The Boqueria is a fun place to spend some time snacking, people watching, and taking photos. One of the things Barcelona is most famous for is its delicious ham, which is plentiful in the Boqueria. My favorite is the jamón de bellota, which is made from the famous acorn-fed black-footed Spanish pigs. On any Barcelona visit make sure to spend some time in the Boqueria - a feast for the senses.
Jamon, Barcelona-Style Barcelona  Spain

Spanish Jamón
The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, or La Boqueria, is a must-stop for all foodies visiting Barcelona. The covered market consists of more than 200 stalls selling all sorts of seafood, meat, vegetables, and fruits. Those with weak stomachs should avoid the meat section where butchers (many of them women) hawk all sorts of exotic cuts from pig's trotters to tripe. I felt just a tinge of guilt when I ordered a few slices of jamón ibérico and looked down to see these cute piggies starting at me through the glass butcher case.
Spanish Jamón Barcelona  Spain

Fish Stall at the Boqueria
I love to just walk around the Boqueria, buy some fresh fruit or food from Bar Pinotxo, and watch the vendors arrange their goods and the (other) tourists walk around and photograph it all.
Fish Stall at the Boqueria Barcelona  Spain

She got me..
I was enjoying a nice afternoon with friends at the market off Las Ramblas about to sip on some chilled Cava when something tugged at my shirt. I turn to see this small woman with this most pitiful look on her face and her hand extended with her palm up. I didn't understand what she said but the hand formation she executed is globally recognized. But before I could say "no" and demonstrate my own sign language she whipped out the picture. And that's how she got me but I did get a good photo out of it..
She got me.. Barcelona  Spain

La boqueria (the market)
This beauty was coming out of the pot at 8am when I was there for breakfast! Have breakfast at the market at one of the many "bars". Eat a typical pan e tomato (bread rubbed with tomatoes) and a cafe con leche to start your day right. The man next to me was having red wine, ham and a piece of this octopus. Again, it was 8 am! :) http://willtravelforfood.com/2011/08/17/tapas-bars-barcelona/
La boqueria (the market) Barcelona  Spain

Now That's a Meat Cleaver!
One of my favorites places in Barcelona to wander with my camera is the Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria just off La Rambla. It's a feast for the senses - unique smells, bright colors, bustling noise. I love to watch the various vendors do what they do best, like this fishmonger who was able to perfectly filet fish using a giant meat cleaver, which would have been totally unwieldy in my hands. I was so impressed by her skill - it was pretty clear she had been doing this for a long time. The Boqueria is not a place to miss on any visit to Barcelona.
Now That's a Meat Cleaver! Barcelona  Spain

 Barcelona  Spain

 Barcelona  Spain

 Barcelona  Spain

 Barcelona  Spain

La Boqueria and the Gothic Quarter
I love how the Boqueria is surrounded by the Gothic Quarter, as you can see here. You can find yourself one minute enjoying the subdued, rustic Gothic Quarter and the next you're right in the middle of the bustling, noisy Boqueria. On any trip to Barcelona the Boqueria is not a spot to be missed - a fun feast for the senses!
La Boqueria and the Gothic Quarter Barcelona  Spain

 Barcelona  Spain

Sour, In a Sweet Way
These sugared lemons looked delicious, I could practically taste the sweet coating contrasting with the sour fuit beneath. Wander through the Boqueria and you'll find lots of fun foods to try, all of which are cheap so you can snack to your heart's content. On your next trip to Barcelona spend an hour or so strolling through the Boqueria - it's a feast for the senses!
Sour, In a Sweet Way Barcelona  Spain

 Barcelona  Spain

 Barcelona  Spain

 Barcelona  Spain

Oh the Markets....
Vibrant colors, wild animals, unique foods....Everything that I expect while traveling through the markets of foreign countries!
Oh the Markets.... Barcelona  Spain

Walking around, there are shops that sell nothing but ham. From cheap cuts to incredibly refined and expensive hams -- you can't go wrong with getting fresh cut ham on bread for a delightful travel snack/lunch while touring around.
Jamon Barcelona  Spain

Go-Go Juice
La Boqueria Market's fruit juices, on La Rambla in Barcelona, are a must for breakfast. The variety of fresh fruit is unbelievable! Mango-coconut strawberry was my first flavor experience and being that those are my favorite flavors, it was hard to beat. I tried dozens of other combinations including carrot-ginger-lime and a dragon fruit blend as well! Fresh, sweet and satisfying, a to-go cup of fresh juice from La Boqueria will give you the Go-Go juice to start the day right.
Go-Go Juice Barcelona  Spain

A sweet or a nut?
It is truly indeed a dilemma that hits the visitor who enters the Boqueria market for the first time...do you sample the fruits, the meats, or explore the variety of nuts and sweets, the likes of which I had never seen or tasted before! These sweets not only looked appealing but were also delicious to gobble down!
A sweet or a nut? Barcelona  Spain

Barcelona Fudge at La Boqueria
One of the absolute joys of the amazing Barcelona is the Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, usually referred to as La Boqueria (http://www.boqueria.info/index.php). The market is a veritable feast for the senses, a crowded, bustling place with vendors selling every type of food imaginable: fruit and vegetables, cured and fresh meats, breads and cheeses, seafood, fruit juices. One of the best things you'll find at La Boqueria, though, is a huge array of sweets like this delicious chocolate and peanut butter fudge. Conveniently located just off the famed La Rambla in downtown Barcelona, La Boqueria offers something for everyone, whether you're a foodie in search of the best local foods or a photographer looking for an interesting place to spend an afternoon taking photos. Buy lunch or a snack from one of the many vendors, grab a seat in the food court, and watch as vendors and shoppers hustle and bustle through the market. La Boqueria definitely is a worthwhile stop on any visit to Barcelona.
Barcelona Fudge at La Boqueria   Barcelona  Spain

Fresh Smoothies in Barcelona
Wandering through the market of La Boqueria is an amazing experience. With fresh smoothies and produce throughout the market and the amazing colors, it is a must do in Barcelona!
Fresh Smoothies in Barcelona Barcelona  Spain

A Forest of Fruit
One should certainly take a stroll down Las Rambla, the busy tree lined walking street of downtown Barcelona, but the walk can be exhausting and disheartening with its gauntlet of tourist traps. That’s when it is important to duck out into the side streets where real gems can be found. There is of course the newly re-opened Gaudi designed Palau Guell house, the throw back Bar Marsella where Hemingway once spent long hours, and of course La Boqueria – a food market that has been running in some form since the 1200’s. The market is a travelers dream – pyramids of fruit, hangings of delicious Spanish cured ham and glistening fillets of fish. Wandering amongst the stalls one warm august morning I was enticed by a colorful collection of smoothies, all freshly squeezed and ready for sipping.
A Forest of Fruit  Barcelona  Spain

It's all here.
You could walk around this market for hours tasting wine and food. Everything is so fresh. Make sure you grab a fruit juice from one of the stands and prepare to see meats, fish and vegetables you have never seen before.
It's all here. Barcelona  Spain

La Boqueria Market
Once we visited this wonderful market and witnessed the variety and freshness of all the produce, spices, meats and sea food from Catalunya, it became evident the source of inspiration for catalan cusine, tapas barcelona and the complex but honest flavors from Ferran and Albert Adria's masterpieces.
La Boqueria Market Barcelona  Spain

Mercat St. Josep
Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, often simply referred to as La Boqueria is a large public market in Barcelona, Spain and one of the city's foremost tourist landmarks, with an entrance from La Rambla. The market has a very diverse selection of goods.
Mercat St. Josep  Barcelona  Spain

Touring the Boqueria Market in Barcelona
Few things get me more excited when I travel than a market filled with local delicacies, enticing aromas and traditional dishes. I couldn't stop myself even if I wanted to - which I really, really don't! And the Boqueria San Josep in Barcelona wasn't an exception. The myriad of colors and textures really is a feast for the eyes, and a sight to behold - but if I'm honest, the whole "stop and stare" thing didn't last all that long, because I simply couldn't wait any longer. Give me all the food! You will find anything and everything between brightly colored ready-to-eat mangoes to thinly sliced Iberian ham to delicious smelling cheeses, all for just a few euros. Try and resist the temptation, I dare you! (For an optimized shopping experience, make sure to go early in the morning - the market gets extremely crowded after 11AM).
Touring the Boqueria Market in Barcelona Barcelona  Spain

Hanging Jamón
Can't walk into this place without my stomach leading the way...
Hanging Jamón Barcelona  Spain

Maybe the best market in the world
Exploring La Boqueria is the best way to get in contact with the local cooking culture, but also to be surprised by exotic products that locals know they'll only find here. An explosion of colors, smells and textures that will make an unforgettable memory. Make sure to come during the morning, as the afternoon it's not as busy. And avoid Mondays, too.
Maybe the best market in the world Barcelona  Spain

Any Day is Market Day
One of the markings of a true city is a solid, long-standing market. We don't really see them in the States like they are meant to be done. The instant you walk into a good one, the energy changes and your eyes are overwhelmed and you are suddenly starving, often for foods you may have never had before. One of the more impressive and fun examples is La Boqueria in the heart of Barcelona. Pass the buskers, business people and beautiful ones on La Rambla and have a field day after you pass under the decorative iron arch, welcoming everyone.
Any Day is Market Day Barcelona  Spain

If there's one thing you bring back from the culinary wonders of Barcelona's delectable food markets, let it be saffron. This seasoning, "azafrán," in Spanish, is the secret to paella. It's that deep red floral stigma that turns rice dishes and stews a warm, inviting yellow. Hand-picked by farmers, it happens to be much more expensive to buy in the states. As you can see, it is sold in small batches, because a little goes a long way. These charming containers make it an easy-to-pack souvenir for the chef in the family!
Saffron Barcelona  Spain

Savor fresh seasonal cuisine in La Boqueria Market.
Sample Barcelona’s freshest produce at Sant Josep de la Boqueria. Grab charcuterie, cheese, and bread for an impromptu picnic, be it in the park or your accommodations. Historic bars like Pinotxo serve up traditional tapas, and recent additions offer everything from pizza to Asian and Latin American eats prepared daily. Bar Pinotxo 466- 470, Mercat de la Boqueria, Carrer la Rambla, 89 08002, Barcelona

Biting into market-fresh strawberries in Barcelona
Biting into market-fresh strawberries in Barcelona Barcelona  Spain

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