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Abu Simbel

The Magnificent Abu Simbel
The Great Pyramids of Giza are very impressive and rightfully earn their wonder of the world title. But then there's Abu Simbel. The site has, well, personality. Ramses II is present at every turn, as is his wife Nefertari. Four giant likenesses are carved into rock walls and look out over Lake Nasser. Inside, it's pure Indian Jones and archaeology with magnificent hieroglyphics and rows and rows of columns at every turn.

Travel here is from Aswan in a caravan that leaves at dawn. Make arrangements from your hotel for the trip, and be glad you decided to pay respects.

Abu Sindel
Do notice the huge, beautiful "ankh," the golden key that the guard holds. I offered to buy it from him, but he refused.

Aswan Governorate, Egypt
+20 2 22617304
Sun - Sat 5am - 6pm