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Kuelap Fortress and Citadel
Kuelap is an ancient fortress in the clouds: a pre-Incan citadel hewn from a cliffside, wreathed with mist, and surrounded by thick, hilly jungle. Unlike the geometric designs of Incan architecture, the walls of this Chachapoyan city depict animal shapes and fantastical figures. The fortress was populated by more than 400 round houses, and some of these have been reconstructed in the past years. You must hike to reach the ruins, but the effort pays off.

The Other Machu Picchu
Kuelap is the 'Machu Picchu of the north' in Peru. Just as stunning, less of a hike, and about a million less tourists. I'd recommend this over Machu Picchu any day.

Jr. las Mercedes, Bagua Grande, Peru