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John Lennon Wall

Become a part of Prague's street art scene--Sign your name to the Lennon Wall
Somewhat off the beaten path at Grand Priory Square, The John Lennon Wall is street art worth going out of your way for. The Wall is owned by the Knights of Malta and has been covered in John Lennon and Beatles-inspired graffiti since the 1980s. Once a cause for conflict between young people and Husak's communist regime, the wall is constantly changing.

Bring your own paint or permanent marker and become a part of Prague, however temporarily (the wall is painted over regularly).

Tribute to the Great
Wonder what it will look like next time I'm there?
Tribute to the Great Prague  Czech Republic

The Wall
During the Communist era, Czech dissidents spray-painted portraits of John Lennon, Beatles lyrics, and political grievances on this wall. Since then, locals have continued to add to it.

As a lover of street art, this was at the top of my list when I arrived in Prague. Thanks to city's winding streets, it was difficult to find. When I was about to give up, I overheard a tour guide describing the wall, so I pretended to be in their group. She took us right to it.
The Wall Prague  Czech Republic

Lennon Wall in Prague
Since the 1980s the Lennon wall has been covered in John Lennon-inspired graffiti and Beatles lyrics. It is continuously undergoing change. Definitely visit the wall and add your own design to it.
Lennon Wall in Prague Prague  Czech Republic

John Lennon Wall, Prague
Years of artistic expression in the form of brightly colored graffiti, comprise the layers of paint you find upon making a stop at (John) Lennon Wall, mentioned in every Prague city guidebook. Messages and images have been left in a mad, overlapping display of various global opinions.

This was a favorite. Hope it's still visible.
John Lennon Wall, Prague Prague  Czech Republic

Speaking Words of Wisdom at the John Lennon Wall
Layers and layers of graffiti – in the form of beloved Beatles’ lyrics, signatures of visitors, and paintings of John Lennon’s profile – cover a non-descript wall that has paid tribute to the late icon since his death in 1980. After John Lennon’s murder, this namesake wall stood as a call toward pacifism at a time of political unrest, and it was repeatedly painted over in an attempt to silence those responsible. But, the graffiti continued to appear, and is now a permanent, variegated display of artwork.

Take a few strides from the Charles Bridge to this tucked away street with a pen or paint in hand. Once you’ve signed the wall, spend some time admiring the other messages from around the world.
Speaking Words of Wisdom at the John Lennon Wall Prague  Czech Republic

Give Peace a Chance
Tourist trap or not, Lennon wall is a must see for those wandering about Prague. Most of the artistic merit of the wall has been lost from layers of freshly laid graffiti (if you come prepared you can leave your own mark), however the spirit behind the anti communist driven peace monument withstands it all. Those lucky enough to experience the wall in the midst of an impromptu jam session are sure to understand the staying power of this heartfelt tribute to the late icon. 
Give Peace a Chance  Prague  Czech Republic

Velkopřevorské náměstí, 100 00 Praha 1, Czechia