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Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane Graffiti, Melbourne, Australia
Aerosol-wielding artists from around the world have left their mark on Melbourne. Hosier Lane, declared a “graffiti tolerance zone” by the city council, contains the area’s densest collection of spray-painted masterpieces. —Chris Baty

This appeared in the September/October 2010 issue.

Melbourne's Laneways
You can’t leave Melbourne without taking the time to explore at least one of the cities laneways.

The cities most popular laneway, Hosier Lane showcases the best graffiti and street art talent in the city. Due to the nature of street art, the laneway is constantly changing and no two visits will be the same.

The Australian kings of rock have been immortalised along this AC/DC Lane, where stencil graffiti baring their image line the walls. Be sure to spend an evening at Cherry Bar, frequented by local up-and-coming artists and touring bands.

On Little Burke Street, between Swanston and Exhibition Streets, you’ll notice the city changes as you make your way into Chinatown!
Explore the shops full of Asian fashion and beauty products before dining at HuTong Dumpling Bar in Market Lane – home of the cities best Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings.)

Street Art Galore
Melbourne is one of the great street art capitals, and Hosier Lane is its most famous laneways. Be sure to explore around the area as there are a few lanes that are full of colorful works.

Vandalisn't – Urban Art in Melbz
I'm addicted to urban art, and always search out graffiti wherever I am in the world. Hosier Lane is covered from beginning to end–not a single square foot left untouched.

Totally worth a visit.

The Street Art Canvas on Hosier Lane - Melbourne, Australia
The thing about "street art" is that its dynamic. Its always changing. There may not be a better exhibition of urban art than Hosier Lane in Melbourne, Australia.

The pedestrian laneway is located near the city center and Federation Square. Every inch of the walls of the street and its side alleys are covered in spray paint and other mixed-media. It is a site to behold even if you aren't a fan of the graffiti movement.

Street art in Melbourne is celebrated and is a defining characteristic of the city. The city is home to some of the best graffiti artists in the world and their creativity abundantly on display on Hosier Lane. A landmark that is not to be missed on any visit to Melbourne! And chances are you'll get to see an artist in action.

Laneway Meander
Meandering through the cross hatch lanes of Melbourne's CBD is a dizzying experience, as bright brash street arts grabs the eye at the same time as small corner galleries entice, baristas vy for your custom to taste their best coffee, tables tumble out on to the pathways as ladies who lunch, business people who meet, and friends that chat nibble, feast, sip and quaff, the old decadent copper facades and Art Deco mosaic of the Manchester Unity Facade and the glazed glass of the Block Arcade house new arty and independent stores, haute couture hangs out with cool grunge. Only in Melbourne.

Alleys in Technicolor
Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia with art oozing out of its pores. Just walk the many alleyways and be shocked by the amount of incredible street art. It's constantly changing with layers and layers of spray paint on every surface - walls, dumpsters, pipes, windows, the street below. The best ally is Hosier Lane, but also explore Union Lane, ACDC Lane, Degrave Street and Croft Alley in Chinatown.

9 Hosier Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia