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Garibaldi Lake

Hiking in Garibaldi Provincial Park
With aqua blue lakes, it is hard not to be tempted to hike into Garibaldi Lake Campground and explore the area of Panorama Ridge and Black Tusk. With phenomenal views, it is worth the work of getting there.

Even though a day hike to Panorama Ridge or Black Tusk can be long, make sure to plan accordingly. In early July, there are still snow covered sections of the trail. Make sure you are comfortable hiking on snow and know all the risks.

Practice glissading down the snow covered mountains as you make your descent back to your campground (there are a few to choose from). Take in the beauty of nature around you and disconnect from technology.
Hike to Garibaldi Lake
There is a beautiful hike to Garibaldi Lake, about an hour and a half out of Vancouver, or a half an hour out of Whistler. The turn off off of the highway is well marked, and there is a large parking lot at the bottom of the trail. Still, get there early in the day. The hike from the lot, to the lake, and back again, takes about 5 1/2 hours.Its beautiful, climbing through the forest, then finally to the brilliant blue, crystal-clear waters of garibaldi lake. There is a massive glacier in the distance, feeding the lake.
Camping as available at the lake, and there are many additional hikes you can do from the lake, including up to a viewpoint called Black Tusk. It's a very difficult extension though, and most people stay overnight to climb the tusk in the morning.
Hike to Garibaldi Lake Whistler  Canada

Garibaldi Lake, Squamish-Lillooet D, BC V0N, Canada