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Dubai Museum

Dubai: the Way it Used to Be
One of the cheapest tickets in Dubai is to the museum. At AED 1 when I visited (about .30 cents USD), the museum is a fantastic display of the short history of Dubai. From a pearl diving town, the City has grown in the last 30-40 years into a multinational metropolis where imaginations run wild and dreams are seen to reality.

This museum, full of life-sized wax mannequins, allows visitors to wander through a day in the life of many different people and nearly interact with society.

This photo was taken of a ship builder. Blue tones, mirrors, and a bit of air conditioning from the hot outdoors, allow guests to feel like they are in the ocean scene; wandering around a shipyard, and watching the latest catch being brought in.

If you are interested in any bit of culture and history of Dubai, this small museum will be an unexpected way to walk through time.

For Historical Flair
The Dubai Museum is likely to be the busiest attraction you visit during your stop in Old Dubai, but don't let the crowds get you down – there's plenty to see here. Housed in the old al-Fahidi Fort - a bit of a tumbledown wonder itself - which features 19th Century wind towers, fishing boats, archaeological artifacts, and more, the vast majority of the museum's collection rests below ground, with exhibits that serve as something as a bridge between the historical city and the modern world of Dubai.

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Dubai's Eponymous Museum
Located within a historical building—the Al Fahidi Fort—dating to the late 18th century, the Dubai Museum is a brief but interesting look at the region's history, with numerous artifacts and reconstructions on display. It provides an important historical backdrop for the amazing wealth and ultra-modern glamor that characterizes the Dubai today.

"Old" Dubai
Very little of Dubai would be considered “old”, but the Dubai Museum, housed in a former fort, is a good introduction to the city 100 years ago. While walking around houses and boats from the early 20th century, it’s a little jarring to hear the call to prayer over modern speakers, even in this most modern of cities.

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