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Center for Cuban Studies

Insiders look into Cuba for US Travelers
The Center for Cuban Studies consults on creating custom travel experiences for US travelers interested in learning about Cuba through people-to-people exchanges.

If you are interested in traveling on a licensed trip to Cuba please email JesseA@CubaUpdate.org
Wonderful tour of the entire Cuban island with great guide and useful contacts.
The Center has long taken the lead in breaking down barriers between the US and its Cuban neighbors. Although the crazy politics of blockade have mitigated only slightly in recent years, the Center and it's activist effective leader, Sandra Levinson, have established and maintained many links especially in the world of art and music. Among the Center's strengths are the colorful displays of Cuban art at their 29th St. Gallery/Office, an impressive film series, and incredibly well-planned and useful tours usually led by Sandra who knows virtually every artist on the island. During my visit to Cuba with Sandra et. al. last year, we not only visited many artist homes and studios, but heard some great local music, toured the entire length of the island, sampled tasty food, and were exposed to some fine poetry and interesting politics

Two special visits to an amazing country.
We have traveled to Cuba with Sandra Levinson of the Center for Cuban Studies twice, once in a large group and once with a small family group of nine. Each trip was a delight, and we truly felt the joy of Cuba by being with someone who knows the country from the inside out. She is adored by musicians, artists, dancers and artisans throughout the island, and the Center’s tours allow travelers to share in and benefit from those friendships. Cubans and gracious and hospitable, and eager to talk with visitors from the U.S. You will bring back wonderful memories, especially of being surrounded by lively, vibrant music from morning until night!

Center for Cuban Studies has access to people and places that nobody else does
Having travelled to Cuba for decades, Sandra Levinson, Executive Director of Center for Cuban Studies, has access to people and places that nobody else does. Sandra provided our group with unprecedented access to not only the artists work but their studios and their homes. My trip to Cuba was more than I had hoped for and I think I can speak for my travelling companions as well. Sandra's passion and love for Cuba, the Cuban people and culture is able to share this experience with every traveler to Cuba. It's been almost a year since my trip to Cuba and I am making plans to travel with Sandra to Cuba once again in December 2015!!!

Mix of laughter and learning - that is a trip to Cuba with the Center for Cuban Studies
I am writing because in January 2014 my husband and I, who travel a great deal, had a memorable and FUN trip to Cuba. Led by Sandra Levinson, who must know just about everybody in Cuba, with Jesus as our guide, our week in Cuba was enriched by meetings with artists and art collectives, having lunch in people's homes, frank discussions with long time members of the government, lots of music, dancing, shopping, fantastic meals in paladars and meandering around Havana.
Some highlights for us were:
-visit and lunch with the world renown Afro-cuban artist Manuel Mendive where we sat around with him and talked for an hour after lunch - a once in a lifetime opportunity because of his
affection for Sandy Levinson
- walking through neighborhoods in Havana and along the malecon, watching hundreds of young people and families hang out, dance and talk on a beautiful night
- visiting an artist's collective that the Center for Cuban Studies discovered and supports, talking to the young artists, buying art and having a wonderful lunch (with music of course)
-a half hour talk on the history of Cuba and Cuba/US relations by Jesus that was the most interesting and informative history talk I have ever heard.
-eating at the Paladar where Strawberry and Chocolate was filmed, the most wonderful, delicious restaurant

Rum and coke at each stop, Havana cigars if you like, a mix of laughter and learning - that is a trip to Cuba with the Center for Cuban Studies.

Mix of laughter and learning - that is a trip to Cuba with the Center for Cuban Studies Havana  CubaMix of laughter and learning - that is a trip to Cuba with the Center for Cuban Studies Havana  Cuba