Where to Travel in 2019 According to Your Astrological Sign

Looking to find the perfect travel adventure in 2019? We asked an astrologist for the very best destination matches, based on your sun sign.

Where to Travel in 2019 According to Your Astrological Sign

For astrology adherents, the stars can guide your travels in 2019.

For tens of thousands of years, we humans have looked up to the night sky in hopes that some meaning, some reason for being, might be reflected back to us. For travelers, cosmically checking in means breaking out of our immediate sphere and risking the bumpy metaphorical ride through the asteroid belt to find Jupiter. The largest of the planets, Jupiter represents that which helps us to expand beyond the familiar. Hope, mission, meaning, and purpose are just a few of Jupiter’s astrological themes—and how can we reignite hope, define our mission, clarify meaning, and find our purpose back on Earth? By traveling! Indeed, travel allows us to break free of the familiar and to expand our experience by seeing new places, engaging in different cultures, and entertaining other points of view.

Jupiter spends about a year in each sign due to its 12-year orbit. Significantly for 2019, Jupiter is traveling through its Sagittarius “home” for much of the year, making for more enriched travel experiences. Sagittarius is the partygoer, the student traveling abroad, and the learned, wise philosopher—which, in turn, cosmically encourages us, on our own travels, to more fully enjoy life at the party, search for a more meaningful and sustainable joy as the traveling student, and integrate and share what we have learned in our travels as the wise philosopher. With that in mind, here are some astrologist-sourced destination suggestions for finding the absolute maximum joy in travel in 2019, based on your sun sign:


Capricorns would do well to seek out an isolated ocean escape in 2019; this quiet strip in the Maldives might just do the trick.

December 22–January 19
You work so hard. And you have been so noble and diligent that it is high time for some reward to flow back to you. You must now attend to your more spiritual and reflective side. Get ye to a mountaintop retreat or isolated ocean cabana (Treebones Resort in Big Sur, California would be a perfect fit), or find your own Walden Pond or sacred cathedral and just sit and breathe. Amid all of the responsibility you have in the world, remember to care for you, too.
Best months to travel: Travel in March and September.


Group trips suit Aquarians well in 2019: Consider surrounding yourself with like-minded people on an adventure to Machu Picchu.

January 20–February 18
While the collective IQ of a group generally goes down as more people join it, you, dear Aquarius, have genius and wisdom to add (and receive) in those situations. Tap into the group setting with a trip to Washington, D.C. for a protest or to New York’s Hudson Valley for a group yoga retreat at the Omega Institute. Sometimes it can be a prickly area, I know, but surrounding yourself with like-minded people on an adventure to a spot such as Machu Picchu might just help you make your very own evolutionary leap.
Best months to travel: April and October are the best bets for Aquarius.


Pisces shouldn’t miss out on personal fun during their 2019 professional adventures, like catching the view from the Willis Tower Skydeck in Chicago.

February 19–March 20
Get work to pay for your travel! Wishful thinking, yes, but traveling for work or traveling to gain more mastery in your profession is highly recommended. You may be working more this year, so celebrate it. Give lectures on the opposite coast! Teach seminars in foreign lands! Throw a day or two on either side of the work trip and call it an enrichment program. Plan on at least two to four mini-trips in 2019. And be sure to check out the views while you’re there, whether your business takes you near to the Empire State Building, Willis Tower, or Burj Khalifa.
Best months to travel: May and November, followed by February and August.


Aries are encouraged to get far away from anything they have ever known in 2019. A trip through the Sahara Desert on camelback, perhaps?

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March 21–April 19
Do it. Just get out there and go. For Aries, the “where” truly doesn’t matter, as long as it is far, far away from anything you have ever known. If you’ve never left Kansas, get yourself to India. If you travel the globe, try rural Kansas! Perhaps try WWOOFing, wherein you can travel to, and work on, several different farms. Astrologically speaking, you have been undergoing a confrontation with how you define yourself compared to the “demands of the world.” Engage in the greatest personal quest possible, whenever it is possible in 2019, and you may find precisely what you’ve been looking for: yourself.
Best months to travel: June and December to maximize adventure.


Heed the calm-inspiring mantras of surfers and find a Taurus-primed getaway in 2019 that lets you kick back and relax.

April 20–May 20
Take a deep breath and relax; it’s some of the best advice offered by surfers. Bend your knees and feel your feet. As the waves churn, crescendo, calm, and roll back again this year, your best travel experiences in 2019 are those in which the journey lies within. Healing-themed and even shamanic retreats are highly recommended; just be sure to take along someone you trust. Google “shamanic healing retreats” to find what suits your personal journey best.
Best months to travel: January and June are suggested travel months.


The crystal ball for Geminis reveals a 2019 travel calendar filled with friends and clinking glasses.

May 21–June 20
The 2019 crystal ball for Gemini reveals wine glasses clinking and dear friends calling you toward adventure. Surprise offers of magical mystery tours in the Amazon or back roads of the state where you went to college? Island hopping in the Caribbean, perhaps? Comparing the wines of Sonoma and Napa? If you are married, this is the year for a second honeymoon, and if you are not and want to be, travel with friends and perhaps that will lead on a path toward a first honeymoon?
Best months to travel: February and July are your best travel months.


Cancers might set off on that yoga retreat they’ve been eyeing for a perfect 2019 vacation.

June 21–July 22
On the one hand, your greatest adventure lies within the rhythm of daily life, as if simply “being here, now” will offer you the most meaningful journey. On the other, the need to explore other realms is paramount. Perhaps now is the time for that yoga retreat you’ve been eyeing (El Sabanero Eco Lodge in Costa Rica is one good bet), while a voluntourism outing building homes in a third-world country could be meaningful and fun, as well. Travel to better yourself in 2019 because, looking ahead, the cosmic scene in 2020 will require your mastery.
Best months to travel: March and September are best.


The 2019 travel forecast for Leos looks lucky: Consider rolling the dice on a vacation to Monte Carlo.

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July 23–August 22
Lucky. This really can’t be said for anyone else in quite the same way as it can be for you, Leo; wherever your adventure takes you this year, it’s time to par-tay! Roll the dice because luck is on your side: Monte Carlo or Vegas could easily satisfy. Set out dancing, game-playing, and just letting out a big sigh of relief after a tough year. (But don’t get too wild!)
Best months to travel: Your best travel months are April and October.


A retreat into nature, far from other humans, is highly recommended for Virgos this year.

August 23–September 22
Back to basics this year, Virgo friends—keep it simple and sweet like grandma’s apple pie. In fact, retreats to the farm, the deep woods, the lakeside cabin, or wherever the family reunion is are bound to be rejuvenating and joyous. Silence is your call this year, so remote spots in nature like Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness or anywhere else far away from other humans is highly recommended.
Best months to travel: Your best travel months are May and November.


Libras would do well with lots of close-to-home mini-vacations in 2019.

September 23–October 22
Long adventures can teach us so much. We can break out of the routine and truly find what we need for our inner peace and happiness. But fortunate are those who can take many shorter adventures, too. Dear Libra: Can you slip out on an adventure a month? At least four mini-vacations, please? You can see and learn something new each time! Find the best spots 200 miles to the north, south, east, and west of you and set out to discover them.
Best months to travel: Head out in March, June, September, and December.


The stars indicate a good climate for Scorpios to push boundaries and try new things in the year ahead.

October 23–November 21
Don’t you dare underestimate what you are capable of, Scorpio! Always wanted to skydive, but lacked the gumption? To sail the seven seas, but never had the nerve? This is the year to fall in love with yourself again, so do something you’ve always wanted to do just for you! You know what you have to do more than any astrologer could tell you—go for it in 2019.
Best months to travel: February and August rank tops.


No matter what adventure Sagittarians choose in 2019 (Petra, Jordan, sounds good, doesn’t it?), it’s bound to be a great one.

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November 22–December 21
Jupiter is your “ruling planet” and maintains its greatest affinity with Sagittarius. As mentioned above, Jupiter is at home in—and at its most powerful—in Sagittarius, for 2019. With this once-in-12-year position in its orbit, 2019 is your best bet for many years to come to claim an adventure at every moment. It’s your choice, so spin the wheel! No matter what you decide on, it is bound to expand your life, broaden your horizons, and open a whole new chapter.
Best months to travel: Go anytime and all of the time; for Sag, there are no rules and no boundaries.

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