Essential Tips for a Seattle Weed Tour

Essential Tips for a Seattle Weed Tour

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There are nearly 30 recreational shops in the Seattle area with more on the way. You’ll want a shop that has a boutique feel, not one of a seedy nightclub. Here are three that will get you buzzed in the nicest way possible.

On the north side, Dockside Cannabis (15029 Aurora Ave N.) in Shoreline has the feeling of a light, airy spa with gorgeous wood accents and a smiling, helpful staff. In central Seattle, Hashtag (3540 Stone Way N.) brings a fresh style to the popular Fremont neighborhood. Specials are sketched out on a big chalkboard, while cannabis enthusiasts can spend their time perusing the goods in the bright, cheerful space. The SoDo (South of Downtown) neighborhood is the unofficial “weed district” of Seattle. Mostly industrial space, it’s easier for shops to open here in accordance with the laws (away from schools, churches, etc.). Ganja Goddess (3207 1st Ave. S.; shown at top) is a gem in the industrial stretch where shops can get sketchy. You’ll walk into a beautiful room with chandeliers and counters filled with grass and gear.

Unfortunately, coffeehouses and other places for social smoking are not legal yet. It’s also illegal to smoke in public view or on public property, and most hotels have non-smoking policies. You’ll need to secure a 420-friendly space if you plan to smoke or vape—and always ask your host about smoking etiquette. Located in Capitol Hill, the Bacon Mansion (959 Broadway East) is an Edwardian-style Tudor just steps from the bustling part of one of the city’s most popular neighborhoods filled with bars, restaurants and shops. Snag the carriage suite off the garden. Another trick is to look for “420-friendly” places on Airbnb, as several hosts are happy to accommodate weed enthusiasts. Or just have an edible and skip the smoking dilemma entirely.

There are weed-themed events around town, sort of an underground movement of parties. If you find the right people they might connect you with a cannabis-friendly crowd. The PDA Lounge (2224 2nd Ave.) in Belltown is a medical dispensary, so unless you have a medical card you won’t be able to buy here, but it’s a great place to stop and talk about weed culture. An intersection of art and cannabis, PDA offers gear, glass, publishes a magazine and also hosts events from time to time. Trichome in the International District (618 S. Jackson St.) sells cool clothes and other smoke-friendly accessories. They often host events like celebrating cannabis and coffee culture, or classes on how to roll the perfect J.

And remember, celebrate with cannabis all you want in Washington. But when it’s time to go home, leave it here.

Molly Brown is co-founder of Image courtesy of Ganja Goddess.

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