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I scream, you scream, we all scream for Museum of Ice Cream.

The Museum of Ice Cream is opening its next pop-up in San Francisco this Sunday, September 17, after recent successful runs in both Los Angeles (where it is still open until October 2017, but currently sold out) and New York City (closed for the season). General admission tickets went on sale 9 a.m. PST September 15.

The museum transforms childhood dreams in Wonka-like rooms into reality; where ice cream flavors and toppings come to life in "super cool" immersive installations, and delectable, edible ice cream treats are almost always on hand.

The San Francisco pop-up is housed in a historical landmark building at One Grant Avenue. According to a press release, the space, which was originally a bank built over 100 years ago and most recently the location of the San Francisco Emporio Armani store, inspired Museum of Ice Cream founder and creative director Maryellis Bunn. When paired with the playful, modern design of the Museum of Ice Cream, the building’s classic architecture unlocks even more imagination from visitors. The combination may just make it the most Instagrammable site in town.

Click through the slideshow below to check out six reasons why you need to visit (if you can snag a ticket!). We’re not sure what to be more excited about: the multiple treats included with admission or the museum’s famous Sprinkle Pool.

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6 Highlights from the Museum of Ice Cream
The Museum of Ice Cream’s newest location in San Francisco has some sweet surprises in store. Here's the inside scoop.
By Samantha Juda, AFAR Staff
Photo by Samantha Juda
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    The Architecture
    The interior of the museum is seriously cool. Creative director and founder Maryellis Bunn revamped the classic architecture with playful modern touches. This vault, for example, which dates back to when the building was a bank in the early 1900s, is now finished with pink handles and “melting” ice cream floor details.
    Photo by Samantha Juda
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    The Games
    You know the museum will be fun, but you might not realize just how many activities there are (other than eating ice cream, of course). With ring toss, fact-finding games, (pop)rock climbing, dancing, swimming, and more, each room sticks to a theme, taking you through a Wonka-like journey of sweets.
    Photo by Samantha Juda
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    The Treats
    What would a museum about ice cream be without treats? MOIC certainly knows exactly what visitors are craving. While some rooms are only for interactive games, in others you can sample sweet treats, like this exclusive Bi-Rite strawberry-gingersnap flavor (made just for the museum).
    Photo by Kelly Greenia
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    The Colors
    What pairs well with ice cream? Bright colors! (And sprinkles, but we'll get to that later). While each room takes you on a new journey of flavor and color, this one allows you to share “unicorn” soft serve ice cream on a cone “dipped in magic” (or rather, a pink sugar coating) with the friendly unicorn statue.
    Photo by Samantha Juda
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    The Pool
    The Sprinkle Pool is what dreams (and Instagram likes) are made of. Under the building's historic 40-foot vaulted ceiling, you can roll around in oodles of (plastic) sprinkles. Beware: Even if you use the museum's air tube “showers,” the sprinkles will still stick in your clothes.
    Photo by Samantha Juda
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    The Surprises
    We don’t want to spoil all the secrets in one slideshow, and there really is so much more to see. Don’t forget to look for hidden doors and be ready for a treat around (nearly) every corner. We dare you to try to leave without a smile on your face.
    Photo by Samantha Juda

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